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This article applies to selling in: Japan

Automotive and powersports

Note: All listings and products must comply with all laws and regulations.

Examples of permitted listings

  • High intensity discharge (HID) conversion that conforms to safety regulations and safety standards
  • Tires that conform to safety regulations and safety standards
  • Automotive batteries that conform to safety regulations and safety standards
  • Empty gas cans that conform to the Fire Service Act

Examples of prohibited listings

  • Mufflers not compliant with noise prevention standards
  • Mufflers with easily removable noise reduction device (baffle etc.)
  • Horns that do not meet the safety standards for road vehicles.
  • Speed limiter bypassing devices
  • Wings not compliant with safety regulations and safety standards
  • Long-nuts sticking out of fenders
  • Function parts failing in motor vehicle inspection
  • Illegally-modified vehicles
  • Vehicles with defective ownership registration, such as the one whose title is reserved by a loan or lease company.
  • Sprays or license plate covers to block detection by infrared cameras, toll both cameras, police ORBIS, or other photo booth
  • Products intended to defeat, bypass or shut down emission control devices, including oxygen sensor simulators
  • Products intended to override malfunction indicator
  • Products intended to affect traffics signals
  • Products designed to intentionally block, jam, or interfere with legitimate radio communications, such as:
    • Cell jammers
    • GPS jammers
    • Laser jammers
    • Radar jammers
    • Wi-Fi jammers

    For further information, see "Electrical Appliances and Electronic Devices" page.

  • Products intended to alter odometers
  • Driver's licenses and other government-issued identification cards
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plates
  • Replacement parts, custom parts and add-on parts and gas cans not compliant with laws or regulations in Japan.
  • Motorized bicycles or self-powered two-wheeled vehicles (e.g., electric kickboards, electric bikes with pedals, etc.; the same applies hereinafter) which do not meet the following conditions:
    • Complies with Japanese safety regulations, safety standards, and other laws and regulations
    • Clearly lists the rated output and maximum speed on the product details page
    • Mentions the following disclaimers on the product details page. Note, however, that Amazon may make these same representations at its own discretion.


      Note: Please comply with all laws and regulations in addition to the following conditions when in use on public roads.
      • You must possess a license for the relevant vehicle category.
      • Wear a helmet when riding.
      • You must register the vehicle and apply for damage liability insurance.
      • You must equip all safety devices, such as braking devices, headlights, rear-view mirrors, etc. which comply with safety standards.
      • Drive on roadways and comply with all other traffic rules. (See here for more details)
      • Product detail pages which do not meet the aforementioned conditions may be deleted.
      • Amazon may request documentation pertaining to the legal conformity and safety of a product. See “Personal Electronic Mobility (E-Mobility) Devices” for more information.
      • Electric assisted bicycles must constantly be propelled under human power and are of a separate product category from self-propelled electric bikes with pedals. In order to prevent misunderstandings, do not include both product names.
  • Child seats without “E mark” certifying conformance to Japanese safety regulations and safety standards
    Note: Amazon may request documentation to confirm the safety of the product. See Infant Car Seats / Child seat belt for more information
  • Vehicle airbags and airbag components
  • Vehicle seat belts and seat belt components

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