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Manage Orders FAQ

Tip: For message samples to communicate with buyers, please see Seller University.

I have just received my first order. What do I do?

Visit this help page and learn more about the process of fulfilling an order.

What does it mean when a sale is pending?

After a buyer initiates an order, the sale stays in pending status if the payment method is not verified, or payment is not completed if the convenience store payment method is selected.

You should only dispatch orders that you can verify in Manage Orders. Do not dispatch orders if in pending status, even if the buyer requests to do so. All orders listed as ‘Unshipped’ in your seller account can and should be dispatched promptly in accordance with Amazon policies. For more information about pending orders, visit this help page.

A buyer has contacted me about an order, but I don't find any information regarding this transaction. What should I do?

We encourage you to check Manage Orders in your seller account regularly to ensure you are aware of all incoming orders. Locate the order using the buyer's email address or order number and see if the order is valid. If the order is in the pending status due to unsettled payment, your orders report will display accordingly.

The buyer could also be confused with an order from other seller at Amazon. Check Manage Orders in your seller account to ensure this order is not yours, and refer the buyer to the Amazon Customer Service.

A buyer contacted me saying they did not receive their order. What should I do?

Work with the buyer to reach a mutually agreeable solution in regard to this transaction. How you decide to proceed is ultimately determined by you and your customer service policy, but all sellers are expected to demonstrate a high level of customer service.

Below are some ways you can handle this situation. Please note that regardless of the option you choose, the buyer may still leave feedback for the transaction.

  • Contact your carrier: In some instances, if an order was lost in transit, you may be able to receive assistance from your carrier. If you purchased package tracking or insurance, the carrier may be able to assist in locating the package or filing an insurance claim. If tracking information was not obtained, there still may be options available from your carrier to help locate the package.
  • Ask the buyer to wait a bit longer for their order to arrive: If you choose this option, please be aware that your buyer may file an A-to-z Guarantee claim. Learn more about the A-to-z Guarantee.

A buyer wants to know the price breakdown for the order. How can I get this information?

The details of an order can be viewed in Manage Orders in your seller account or by downloading the Order report. However, if the order includes multiple items, the details of other items will not be shown on the same Order detail page. Tell the buyer to contact Amazon Customer Service for more information.

What do I do if an order is returned due to undeliverable, rejected, or invalid address?

Refund the buyer less the actual shipping cost. Visit this help page for FAQ's on refunds.

A buyer selected to pay at a convenience store and would like to have payment details resent, but I have no access to this information. What should I do?

Payment details are sent to buyers from Amazon, not from sellers. Tell the buyer to contact Amazon Customer Service.

For a buyer who needs to know the Payment ID to make payment at a convenience store, refer the buyer to Help & Customer Service page.

I received a request from a buyer who paid with Amazon points to confirm the details on the points they paid with, however the merchant does not know the payment information. What should I do?

Merchants are unable to check the Amazon points usage situation of buyers. If a buyer would like to check the payment status and details of their Amazon points, please direct them to the Help & Customer Service page.

How can I change order information such as price, quantity, and shipping address after the order is confirmed?

Sellers are not authorized to change order information. Tell the buyer to access Your Account and edit order information within 5 minutes after checking out. After 5 minutes have passed, changes cannot be made and the buyer needs to cancel the order to place a new order with correct information.

* There is a case when it takes more than 5 minutes. This 5 minutes’ rule applies to merchant-fulfilled orders only.

If there are multiple orders from the same buyer, how can I combine the shipment?

Multiple orders can be combined if the shipping address is the same, but you still have to treat each order individually. Send the shipping confirmation email for each order, and refund the buyer for the amount saved due to combined shipment. See this help topic for more details on refund.

A buyer wants to have a receipt issued for the purchase. What do I do?

Receipts are issued by Amazon on your behalf. Tell the buyer to go to Your Account where the order details and printable receipts are available. For items sold by an Amazon Marketplace seller, the seller's name will be printed as the receipt issuer. Refer the buyer to Help & Customer Service page for more details.

What if there are multiple items in a single order but some items turn out to be unavailable?

Request the buyer to cancel the entire order and make a new order for available items only. Alternatively, inform the buyer that some items are unavailable and you will dispatch only what you can, with the buyer's consent. You will still send a shipping confirmation email to the buyer for the entire order, but start refund process for the items that were not sent.

How can I contact a buyer or how do I reply to a buyer's inquiry?

On the Manage Orders page, click the buyer's name under Order Details to go to the Contact Customer form. Sellers can communicate with the buyer using this form, via email (using an encrypted address provided by Amazon), or by telephone. The contact information you need can be retrieved from the order reports. You can also click Messages tab located on the upper right on your seller account to review your communication between yourself and your buyers on the Buyer-Seller Message page.

I have been contacting the buyer but there is no reply. What should I do?

If your email attempts don't elicit a response from the buyer, set a deadline and inform the buyer that the order will be cancelled if you don't hear back by a certain date.

Additional information:

  • Buyers' phone numbers will not be visible for orders that are fulfilled by Amazon. If you must contact the buyer, follow the steps listed on the Contact a buyer page.
  • For seller-fulfilled orders, we provide you with a phone number that connects to the buyer during the fulfilment period. After delivery is complete, this phone number will no longer connect to the buyer. For more information, please visit Prohibited seller activities and actions.
  • You must confirm shipment of the order with Amazon within 7 days of the ship date. Otherwise, Amazon will automatically cancel the order and you will not be paid, even if you shipped the order. One week before the 7-day cutoff, you will see a warning in Manage Orders ("Confirm as shipped by [date] to avoid cancellation"), and you will receive a notification by email.
  • When you confirm shipment for even one item in an order, we charge the buyer for the entire order. If the entire order is not confirmed, you will see the "Shipment is late" status in Manage Orders and a warning message on your seller account home page. These will appear even if you have refunded the remaining items in the order.
  • Sellers may receive an order from a business customer. If the Business Buyer badge is displayed next to the order ID in Manager Orders, it indicates the order is from a business customer. For an order from a business customer, sellers must enclose a packing slip. If you see the Buyer PO# (purchase order number) in the Order Details page, enter the Buyer PO# to the packing slip.

Manage Orders FAQ

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