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This article applies to selling in: Japan

Yamato shipping services and restrictions

Yamato Transport provides a domestic shipping service for orders if seller’s shipping source and delivery destination are within Japan. Yamato shipping service is conducted in accordance with the Yamato Transport's Conditions and Terms.

To learn more about shipping models and settings, go to Shipping overview.

Note: Buy shipping service discount promotion using Nekopos has launched and this promotion is valid from May 26, 2022 through December 31, 2022. Go to Buy Shipping Service - Yamato Shipping Service Discount Promotion for more information about the promotion.

Yamato shipping services

For information about applicable shipping services, go to the following Yamato websites:

Note: These are available Yamato shipping services. However, the eligibility of a shipping service for a certain order depends on various factors, such as promised delivery date, a combination of ship-from and ship-to addresses, size restrictions, weight, and hazmat classifications. Select a shipping service from a list of eligible shipping services displayed in Seller Central.

Eligible Shipping Area

Yamato offers shipping services for the shipments that ship-from and ship-to addresses are within Japan.

Shipping rates

The shipping rate for Buy shipping service is applied according to the number of boxes that the seller shipped in the previous month. There are three tiers based on number of shipping boxes in the previous month; Tier 1 is 249 or less boxes, Tier 2 is 250 or more and 499 or less boxes, and Tier 3 is 500 or more boxes, and the more boxes you shipped by Yamato, the cheaper rate is applied. The shipping rate for a total of 500 boxes or more will be applied in the first month of use. If your first day of use was in the middle of the month, the shipping rate for a total of 500 boxes or more will also be applied in the second month of use.

You can confirm the shipping rate when you buy a label using the Buy Shipping service.

Rates and any applicable discounts are subject to change at any time.


The shipping fee that is charged to your account is displayed as "Shipping services purchased through Amazon".

Terms and Conditions

Read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Yamato shipping service that you are going to use:

Printing shipping label

For more details, go to Buy Shipping Service – Printing Yamato Shipping Label.


  • Buy Shipping Service does not support Cash On Delivery and scheduled delivery. Do not use Buy Shipping Service if Cash On Delivery and scheduled delivery options are chosen by customers. If you accidentally ship Dash On Delivery and scheduled delivery orders with shipping labels of TA-Q-BIN, TA-Q-BIN COMPACT, and Nekopos, Yamato does not handle them as Cash On Delivery or scheduled delivery. Yamato Transport and Amazon are not responsible for any troubles that may occur related to collecting amount and customer support.
    Note: It is your responsibility to collect the collectible amount from the buyer through a carrier. Note that Amazon does not take any responsibility in the event that you fail to manage Cash On Delivery orders appropriately or fail to collect the collectible amount from the buyer.
  • For items that cannot be shipped by Yamato, including hazmat products, check the Terms and Conditions of Yamato shipping service.
  • Yamato driver will request you to cooperate with inspection of parcel contents if parcels are shipped by air freight. Corresponding regions are Okinawa to/from other prefectures in Japan and Hokkaido to/from Kyushu, Chugoku, Shikoku regions in Japan. Check also the following inspection guidelines before shipping.
    1. The product name is written on the shipping label.
    2. Dangerous goods label is not affixed to the outer box.
    3. There is no UN number (UN number) indicating dangerous goods on the outer box.
    4. No liquid leaks or liquid noise.
    5. No pungent odor
    6. The contents of parcel and the product names on the shipping label match.
    7. The contents are not dangerous goods such as spray cans.

    Check dangerous items that are prohibited to be shipped by air freight in the Yamato website. Note if items such as dangerous goods that cannot be shipped by air freight are included in the parcel, delivery may be delayed for about 7 days.

  • Pick-up service is available and you can request for pick-up via phone or the Yamato website. You can also take your parcels directly to your local Yamato sales office but you cannot ship from a convenience store, a dealer, or a delivery locker.
  • When you use Nekopos, the following conditions will apply:
    • If there is no damage on the exterior of the parcel, damages for the parcel will not be covered.
    • If the status of the parcel is marked as Yamato delivery completion, a lost package will not be covered.
    • For compensation of any damage or loss incurred during transit, discuss and resolve between the seller and Yamato Transport.

Damage and loss claims during shipment

Yamato will be responsible for any damage or loss incurred during transit from sellers to customers in accordance with the Yamato Transport's Conditions and Terms. The maximum amount of compensation is 300,000 JPY for TA-Q-BIN, 30,000 JPY for TA-Q-BIN Compact, and 3,000 JPY for Nekopos, based on Yamato Transport's Conditions and Terms. (However, the product price is the upper limit for each.) Consult Yamato sales office for any issues of damaged or lost packages.


Is it mandatory to have an account with Yamato to use Yamato shipping services?

No, having a Yamato account is not required to use Yamato shipping services.

How do you calculate the charges for Buy shipping?

The shipping cost displayed on Seller Central is an estimation of fees based on your parcel’s weight, ship-from and ship-to regions, and the rate that Yamato provides for Amazon sellers.

How can I confirm the boxes I shipped during the month with Buy Shipping?

You can confirm your monthly shipments in the Buy Shipping Dashboard. Note that this dashboard is updated on a weekly basis.

How do I pay for shipping?

The shipping fee is charged to your seller account.

Do I need to use the dedicated box for TA-Q-BIN Compact?

Yes, Ta-Q-Bin Compact can only be shipped with the dedicated box. The boxes can be bought at Ta-Q-Bin Centers of Yamato Transport or at convenience stores. For details, contact Yamato Transport. In addition, Yamato Transport offers packing materials at special prices exclusively for Amazon sellers. For details, go to this website.

Can I use Buy Shipping for Seller Fulfilled Prime orders?

Yes. Starting from July 2022, we have enabled Buy Shipping for seller-fulfilled Prime orders.

Do I need to do anything else after purchasing a label in Buy Shipping?

Make sure to deliver a parcel to Yamato without delay.

How do I contact Yamato for pick-up? What time can Yamato pick up packages?

You can request for pick-up by phone or from the Yamato website. For specific pick-up time, you can contact Yamato Transport.

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