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Remove inventory (overview)

When you want to remove your inventory from an Amazon fulfillment center, you have to submit a removal order. You can use removal orders to manage excess inventory, including inventory that is:

  • Slow moving
  • Not suitable for resale (unsellable inventory)
  • Soon to be subject to a long-term storage fee.

You can request to return or dispose of the inventory you have stored in Amazon's fulfillment centers using one of the following methods:

Removal fees are charged per item removed. For more information, go to FBA removal order fees.

Removal order restrictions

Removal order returns should be shipped to you, your warehouse, your supplier, or a distributor and cannot be:

  • Shipped outside of the country in which they are stored
    Tip: If you want to ship to an address outside of the country, you can work with a third-party return provider. For more information, see International returns providers.
  • Shipped to another fulfillment center
  • Shipped to convenience stores or sales office of any carrier
  • Items under dangerous goods reviewing, and a part of prohibited products
Important: Items under dangerous goods review or a part of prohibited products are not able to proceed to create Removal order. For products under review, please complete a dangerous goods reviewing to ensure a secure return. To learn more, see FBA dangerous goods review process

Removal order packing and shipping

When you request that inventory be returned to you, it is packed at the fulfillment center and shipped to the address you specify. It may be shipped in multiple shipments and from multiple carriers if the items are located in different fulfillment centers.

Inventory that was shipped to the fulfillment center in case packs are returned as individual items and packed in boxes or pallets as appropriate to the shipment.

Note: Any relevant product/package listed below may be sent to seller directly with delivery slip on the package box.
  • Square cardboard box
  • The outer carton size is 23.0cm x 15.0cm x 0.2cm or more
Note: Returned products may contain a label with and identification number starting with "LPN". Sellers will need to remove the label with "LPN", and show the ISBN/JAN/UPC/EAN/FBA item label underneath when re-shipping the products to Amazon.
Important: If a receiver refuses to accept products returned through a removal order for his/her convenience or other reasons and the related products are sent back to the Amazon fulfillment center due to unknown shipping address, Amazon will deem the address you specified as incorrect and your property rights to the related products will be relinquished at your own will. In this case, the products may be disposed of at the sole discretion of Amazon.

Confirm removal order delivery status

To confirm your create removal order delivery status, see Confirm removal order delivery status section in Remove inventory from a fulfillment center.

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