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Inventory Amazon Fulfils Overview


Seller Central's Inventory Amazon Fulfillspage contains a wealth of info to help you manage inventory. Content is organized into task-oriented sections.

Check inventory details

  • You'll see a list of your FBA inventory and information on your listed products.
  • This list can be sorted using a number of fields. Click on a column name to sort the list based on that field. If a column name has a darkened triangle next to it, that indicates the list is currently sorted based on that column. The direction of the triangle indicates whether the list is sorted in ascending or descending order.
  • Click on the Include Archived Itemscheckbox if you'd like to show archived items in the list as well.
  • Click on the Show ASIN/FNSKUcheckbox to show more details, including ASIN and FNSKU numbers.
  • If your FBA inventory is listed across multiple pages, select a page number on the upper right to move to that page.

The list displays the following information.

Merchant SKU

The unique identifier defined by the seller for the listed product. Click on this for additional information on the FBA inventory item.

Product Name

The name of the product


The condition of the product, as defined by the seller


The price defined by the seller for the product


The number of inventory units currently inbound that have not reached the fulfillment center


The number of inventory units available for picking, shipping, and all other delivery operations at the fulfillment center


The number of inventory units that are lost, damaged, or otherwise unsuitable for sale


The number of inventory units that are currently undergoing picking, packaging, shipment, or other internal operations at the fulfillment center

Unit Volume (cubic centimeters)

The average total daily volume of your inventory is used to calculate storage fees.

Click on a SKU to view more product information.

  • Product Name
  • Condition
  • Price
  • Unit Volume
  • Package Dimensions
  • Merchant SKU

The Item Details page contains the following tabs.

  • Summary: A summary of the number of Inbound units, Fulfillable units, Reserved units, and other inventory information
  • Inbound: The quantity of units planned for inbound shipment, number of units currently inbound, number in receiving, and other inbound shipment details
  • Outbound: An overview of all units currently in shipment. This mostly refers to items sent to customers to fulfill orders.
  • Events: Events related to the product, such as receiving and shipments


All listed product inventory is displayed by default. You can narrow the view to only the listings matching specific criteria using the filter options near the top of the page. Use the selector to set the type of search, enter your search criteria, and click the "Search" button.

  Text Search Instructions Guidelines Examples
Product Name Enter one or more words from the name in any order. * English text is not case sensitive.
* Half-width and full-width characters are treated as separate.
* Apostrophes must be included.
* If any English words match a title, the title will appear in the search results.
* "ウォームアッフ" cannot be used to search for "ウォームアップ パンツ".
ASIN/FNSKU/Merchant SKU Enter one or more characters starting at the beginning of the ID code. * English text is case sensitive. * DW would find "DW123" and "DW235"
DW would notfind "dw123" or "123DW".

Note: For Text Search, results will be returned only for the field (title or ASIN/FNSKU/Merchant SKU) with the most matches. Use the "Search instead by" links below the search box to search again with a different field. These links are displayed once you perform a search.

Text Search:Enter complete or partial text or numbers in the search box. You can search on one of four criteria:

  • Product name (default)
  • ASIN
  • Merchant SKU

Quantity in Fulfillment Center:Use the selector to choose the listings you want to see based on quantity:

  • All Items
  • Items with Fulfillable Inventory
  • Items with No Fulfillable Inventory
  • Items with Unfulfillable Inventory

Error Status:Use the selector to choose the listings you want to see based on error status:

  • All Items
  • Items with Errors
  • Items without Errors

Items Priced-JPY:Use the selector to specify items matching the price criteria you want to see. Enter minimum price, maximum price, or both to locate a range of prices.

Change prices

Note: Prices for listings with Amazon Point values assigned to them must be changed in the Manage Inventory page. Once the Manage FBA Inventory page is updated, the listing's Amazon Point value will be reset to zero.

  1. Go to the Inventory Amazon Fulfillspage from the Manage Inventory page and click on a box with a price you want to change.
  2. Enter a new price to change it.
  3. Click on Save allat the top right of the page.

You'll see a message that shows whether the price update was successful or not. You'll see an error instead if you enter a negative value or anything besides numbers. Enter a valid price and click on Save allagain.

Changing prices for multiple products

After changing the prices on multiple items, click on Save all. You'll see messages showing the number of price changes.

Changing prices across multiple pages

If you have a lot of listings spread out across multiple pages, click on Save all once you've updated the prices on all relevant pages. You'll see messages showing the number of price changes.

Resetting prices

If you want to reset a price to the previous price, click on Reset Prices. After clicking on Save All , you won't be able to reset prices .

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