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Recalls & Product Safety

In order to sell the following products on Amazon, you must apply and submit if there are any required documents. Product types requiring document review will be updated from time to time.

Chemical Products(MSDS)

Paint strippers

GAS related Products(PSLPG)

Selling GAS related Products in

Cartridge Gas Stove


Selling Toys in

Children's Jewelry Fidget spinners Infant sleep positioners Invisible Ink Pens Squishy Toys
Teething Jewelry Magnetic putty Baby Slings Stroller Fans Baby Walkers
Magnetic Building Tiles Hot water bottles Bunk beds Strollers Outdoor Toys
Projectile Toys Infant Inclined Sleep Products Bundle Toys

Electrical Appliances and Materials(PSE)

Selling Electrical Appliances in

Laptop/Mobile Phone Charger Personal Electronic Mobility (E-Mobility) Devices Mobile Batteries/Power Bank String lights, Tape lights, and Tube lights Compatible Li-ion batteries for DIY power tools and home appliances
Portable Automotive Jump Starters Ceiling Light Hair Dryer and Iron Electric Heater Dehumidifier
Portable Power Supply Dryer for Pets Toasters AC Adapters Steam irons
Electric Hot Plates Mixers and Juicers Cooking Heaters Humidifier Laptop/Mobile Phone Battery
Power Tap (Extension cord) Hair Remover Air Cleaner Electric Pressure Cooker IH Cooker
Electric Carpet

Radio Law Products(GITEKI)

Selling Products regulated by the Radio Law in

Products regulated by the Radio Law Transceiver Transmitter Wireless LAN Devices
Wireless Speaker products Home Camera Smart plug products Drone products
Wireless Charging Devices

Life Protection Products

Infant Car Seats / Child seat belt Vehicle jacks Bicycle Helmets Mountain Climbing Ropes (limited to those used for supporting one's body)
Fire and smoke masks, gas and dust masks Smoke alarms and smoke detectors Carbon monoxide alarms Fire extinguisher
Motorcycle Helmets

Recalls & Product Safety

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