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This article applies to selling in: Japan

Compliance with the Installment Sales Act and Other Laws and Regulations

Under the Installment Sales Act, member stores which introduce credit card settlement as their settlement methods are required to properly manage credit card numbers, etc. and prevent fraudulent use of credit card numbers, etc., and it is necessary to undergo investigation by a credit card acquirer regarding their compliance with the above obligations. Sellers on the Site are subject to the above obligations as they are the above-mentioned member stores. The Site requests sellers to comply with the following matters so as to comply with the applicable laws and regulations and so as to allow customers to purchase products on the Site with peace of mind.

Sellers must comply with the following terms and conditions, and any information sellers provide must be always the most recent information.

If a seller breaches the following matters, provides false information or otherwise breaches the intent of these Terms by illicit means, the Site may take measures as the Site considers appropriate including temporary suspension from selling products on the Site, permanent suspension of eligibility to sell products on the Site, or withholding or confiscating sales proceeds.

Compliance with Related Laws and Regulations

Sellers must comply with all applicable laws and regulations including the Installment Sales Act, the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions and the Consumer Contract Act. If a seller violates or is likely to violate the laws and regulations, the Site may require the seller to investigate or take corrective measures for, such actual or potential violation.

Handling of Credit Card Numbers and Prevention of Fraudulent Use of the Numbers

Sellers must comply with, if applicable, laws and regulations, guidelines, "Action Plan for the Consolidation of Security Measures for Credit Card Transactions" formulated by the Credit Transaction Security Council and the standards provided for in plans equivalent to the above Action Plan as standards compiling matters with which credit card member stores, etc. are required to comply for protection of card information, etc. and prevention of forgery and fraudulent use of credit cards, and must put in place systems required for proper handling of credit card numbers and prevention of fraudulent use thereof.

If any credit card number, etc. kept by a seller is or is likely to be divulged, lost or damaged, as required by the Site, the seller must (i) investigate whether any divulgation actually has occurred or not, (ii) investigate the occurrence period, scope of the impact, other relevant facts and the cause and (iii) formulate and execute necessary and appropriate plans to prevent secondary damage from and recurrence of such incident, and provide cooperation as required in regard to matters to be conducted by the Site. The seller must obey the instructions from the Site for such investigation and for formulation and execution of appropriate plans.

Cooperation in Investigation by Acquirer

Sellers, if applicable, must submit such information by such deadline as the Site specifies for investigations to be conducted by credit card acquirers under the Installment Sales Act. Information to be submitted must be the most recent and accurate one. The information submitted will be shared with the credit card acquirer companies with which we have contracts, and Japan Consumer Credit Association and the member companies of JCA Data of Merchant System in order for the acquirer companies to conduct investigations of member stores as required under the Installment Sales Act and share information, and sellers agree thereto. Please refer to the Help Page for details.

Examination by Acquirer

A credit card acquirer may suspend providing its acquiring service to a seller as a result of the investigation of the seller under the Installment Sales Act. In such case, the Site may take measures as the Site considers appropriate including temporary suspension from selling products on the Site, permanent suspension of eligibility to sell products on the Site, or withholding or confiscating sales proceeds.

Exclusion of Anti-Social Forces

Each seller represents and warrants that it does not fall under the following items and will not commit any of the following acts in the future:
(a) to work for an anti-social force (meaning anti-social forces, etc. such as an organized crime group (boryokudan), an enterprise related to an organized crime group (boryokudan kankei kigyo), a racketeer acting in the name of political activity (seijikatsudo hyobogoro), an organizational crime group (soshikiteki hanzai shudan), etc. and any member, etc. of the foregoing; the same shall apply hereinbelow) or cooperate in its maintenance, management or operation;
(b) to have any person work for an anti-social force or cooperate in management or operation of person similar to anti-social force;
(c) to provide financial cooperation (including, without limitation, providing loans) in any form to an anti-social force; or
(d) to conduct transactions with an anti-social force.


Please refer to the Help Page for the details concerning provision of any other information.

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