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FBA inventory reimbursement policy: Customer return claims

This page applies to items lost or damaged on your FBA customer order. Amazon must already have refunded or replaced the items on behalf of your seller account. For information about how Amazon processes refunds, replacements, and returns, see the FBA customer returns policy.

The process to file a claim varies by where in the fulfillment process your item is lost or damaged:

Claim window

You can file a customer return claim no sooner than 45 days and no later than 18 months after the customer refund or replacement.

Before you submit a claim

If a customer returns a wrong item (including missing main component and empty box)

If you can prove that a customer purposely returned a wrong item or the returned package has no content, you can file a claim. Have your detailed information ready before submitting the claim. We may ask you to provide additional information about the item.

  1. Removal order ID (order ID issued by the seller)
  2. Images showing the difference between the returned item and the actual product. Describe the difference in detail.
  3. Images of LPN label on the returned item
  4. Proof showing that the returned item comes from the seller’s inventory, such as invoice for purchase or the item’s serial number.

Based on the information provided, we determine whether the claim is valid. If you are eligible to receive a reimbursement for a refund, Amazon will reimburse you for all or part of the refund amount debited from your account, minus FBA fees.

Submit your claim

After reviewing and reconciling the reports above, if you still believe a lost or damaged item is eligible for a reimbursement, you can file a claim.

Enter the customer order ID in the following tool to check your eligibility and file a claim. We may ask you to provide additional details about the item.

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