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Amazon Points Central


Amazon Points Central (hereafter “Points Central”) is a dedicated page in Seller Central where you can easily set and manage points. Using the Account-Level Points Percent feature on Points Central, you will be able to set a single points percentage (e.g. 1%) for your offers with a few clicks. You can also apply different points percentage (e.g. 2%) to individual offers using the Offer-Level Points Percent feature.

Professional sellers can access Points Central page from the drop-down menu under the Advertising tab in Seller Central.

Below we summarized the basic steps of using Amazon Points Central. We recommend you to refer to How to set up Amazon Point on Seller University for more detailed instructions.

How to set Account-Level Points Percent

Please follow the below steps when setting Account-Level Points Percent.

  • Setting points is not mandatory. It is your discretion to adopt points using the Account-Level Points Percent or any other listing/pricing tools
  • If you do not want to use Account-Level Points Percent, please refer to "How to cancel the automatic update of Account-Level Points Percent".

Step 1: Select the Account-Level Points Percent

  1. Open the Points Central page
  2. Select any point percentage (0% - 50%) from the drop-down menu of Account-Level Points Percent
  3. A prompt message will display when the system saved your setting successfully
    Note: Your offers are not yet updated to the point percentage you set at this moment (refer to step 3)

Step 2: Specify different points percentage to individual offers via the Offer-Level Points Percent List

If you want to specify different points percentages for individual offers:

  1. Click add exceptions next to the Account-Level Points
  2. Download the template of “Offer-Level Points Percent List”
  3. Input SKUs and point percentages into the file and upload the list
  4. Click Done
    • Your offers are not yet updated to the point percentage you set at this moment (refer to step 3)
    • You can upload the list as many times as you like but only the latest version will be saved

For more detailed guidance, please refer to How to set up Amazon Point.

Step 3: Apply your point settings to your offers

Click the Update offers now button

  • After you click the “Update offers now” button, it takes about 20 minutes for the system to update the point setting to all your offers

More information can be found below for your reference.

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