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Meltable FBA inventory

Before listing products with Fulfillment by Amazon, it’s important to know what’s suitable for fulfillment and what isn’t. For information on product requirements and restrictions, go to the following Help pages:

Important: Failure to comply with FBA product preparation requirements, safety requirements, and product restrictions may result in the refusal of inventory at the Amazon fulfillment center, disposal or return of inventory, blocking of future shipments to the fulfillment center, or charging for preparation or for noncompliance at the fulfillment center.

Meltable inventory requirements (applicable to both winter and summer periods)

What is meltable inventory?

“Meltable” refers to heat-sensitive products such as chocolate and chocolate snacks. Each year is divided into two periods, winter season (from around October to April) and summer season (from around May to September), and we receive inventory in the fulfillment centers that are assigned for the season. For the summer season, only small/standard-sized inventory is accepted and oversize and supersize inventory will be marked as unfulfillable.

Application request is required before shipping

You need to fill out all information in the form from the link below when you are shipping meltable products. If you miss or submit incorrect information, Amazon will refuse to receive your products.

Application request

If your ASINs are already listed in the chocolate ASIN list below, you can start creating shipping plan without application. To download a list of chocolate ASINs, click Chocolate ASIN List (Japanese).

Destination fulfillment center

When you ship meltable inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers, one of the fulfillment centers listed below will be automatically assigned as the destination. If destination fulfillment center from the below list is not assigned even after your application has been accepted, contact Selling Partner Support. Amazon will inform you by email once your application for meltable inventory has been accepted. If you do not receive any emails within five business days from the date that you applied, contact Selling Partner Support.

Note about switching from one period to the other

Your shipment to fulfillment centers, storing, product returns, and inventory transfer will be affected during the change between the two periods. Amazon will send you an email with detailed schedule as the changing time approaches, including information on services to be limited due to the climate condition as it may vary each year. Note that the following service limitations apply during the change.

  • Temporary stoppage period of sales on meltable products due to inventory transfer
  • Temporary stoppage period of new shipping plan creation
  • Temporary stoppage of products being received at fulfillment centers due to switch between the seasonal periods

Frozen and refrigerated products are prohibited

Products requiring storing temperatures below 20℃, including refrigeration or freezing cannot be sold with FBA.

Removal of inventory

Oversize and supersize products are not allowed during the summer period. Oversize or supersize products being stored at fulfillment centers at the time of switching from winter to summer period will not be transferred to another fulfillment center. Request removal of the inventory by the deadline indicated on the email you will receive from Amazon.

During both summer and winter periods, the inventory is sent back to you with standard shipping that is not temperature-controlled. Your items will not be eligible for reimbursement if the products melt during the return process. For details, see Remove inventory from a fulfillment center.

Meltable inventory requirements (winter period)

Product size

Small-size, Standard-size, Oversize and Supersize products

Destination fulfillment centers (FCs)

Small-size, Standard-size: Kawasaki FC (HND6), Kawasaki FC (HND9), Kyotanabe FC (KIX5), Ichikawa FC (NRT1), Nagareyama FC (QCB1), Kawaguchi FC (TYO1), Fuchu FC(TYO3), Ome FC(TYO4), Sakado FC (TYO6), Ageo FC (TYO7)

Oversize: Kawajima FC (HND3), Daito FC (KIX2), Yachiyo FC (NRT2)

Supersize: Kashiwa FC (VJNA), Higashinada FC (VJNB), Kadoma FC (VJNC), Tachikawa FC (VJND), Hiratsuka FC (VJNE)

Storage temperatures in fulfillment centers

Fulfillment centers are kept at room temperature. Products with storing temperature instructions on the packaging may be shipped to fulfillment centers, but products requiring temperature control, including refrigeration or freezing are prohibited. Note that Amazon is not liable for compensating you in the unlikely event that a meltable product is damaged from melting.

Other notes

  • Meltable products may be packed in the same box as expiration-dated products
  • Destination fulfillment center may not be the same as the fulfillment center used for product storage and shipping

Meltable inventory requirements (summer period)

Product size

Small-size and Standard-size products

Destination fulfillment centers (FCs)

Kashiwa FC (VJGT), Suminoe FC (VJWB)

Storage temperatures in fulfillment centers

Fulfillment centers are kept at a temperature around 20℃. Products with storing temperature instructions on the packaging may be shipped to fulfillment centers, but products requiring storing temperature below 20℃, including refrigeration or freezing are prohibited.

Note for inbound shipping

During the summer period, be sure to use refrigerated shipping. Products shipped with our FBA partnered carrier program or with room temperature shipping will not be accepted at fulfillment centers. Meltable products shipped without refrigeration are not eligible for reimbursement from Amazon if they melt during the transport.

Other notes

  • Products will be sent from fulfillment centers to buyers using refrigerated shipping service.
  • Inventory will be returned to you by shipping method that is not kept at low temperature. Note that they are not eligible for reimbursement if they melt during the return process.
  • All products that arrive at fulfillment centers that are not designated for the period will be se to unsellable status and disposed of or returned to you at your own expense.


The following FBA functions and services are not eligible for meltable inventory:

  • Multi-channel fulfillment service (MCF)
  • FBA Label Service
  • FBA Prep Service
  • Customer facing Prime Logo appearance
  • Expiration Dated Inventory report
  • FBA Small and Light: Products that are enrolled to the FBA Small and Light program will not be fulfilled due to system limitations. To be eligible for meltable FBA inventory, remove the products from the FBA Small and Light program.

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