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Part Number

What is Part Number?

Part Number is a unique identifier of the product provided by manufacturer. It is usually composed of alphanumeric characters in certain order differing by each manufacture. It could be found on a label attached on the back of product, package or tag. uses Part Number to identify products. During the item creation process, this identifier is used to check for matches to existing products.

Please contact manufacturer if Part Number of the product you are selling is unclear.

How to enter Part Number

  • Attribute called "Part Number" on Flat File Template or Add a Product.
    *Do enter for this attribute even Product Name contains Part Number.

  • An alphanumeric string; 40 characters maximum. Use half-width characters if it contains Japanese characters.

  • Enter unique identifier for each products.
    Example: If a product (EW-505-01) has variation in color, each color should have different Part Number.
    Color Black: EW-505-01-05
    Color White: EW-505-01-07


  • Do not enter or append any other value to the original Part Number.
    ○AW-591-2AJF: Original Part Number
    ×AW-591-2AJF-1234: Adding SKU to the original Part Number
    ×m-200187: SKU

  • For most products, Part Number will be identical to the model number; however, some manufacturers distinguish part number from model number. Please specify each correctly if both exists.

  • Please check with manufacturer or supplier for the correct Part Number if the product have both international and domestic Part Number.

  • Part Number will be handled in the same way as Product Identifiers for "Packs or Sets", "Bundles" and "Case Packs". See this help page.
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