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This article applies to selling in: Japan

Amazon Points Services Terms and Conditions

This Amazon Points Services Terms and Conditions ("Terms") apply to the case where the sellers of provides customers with Amazon Points.

Please note that you will be deemed to have accepted the Terms if you make Amazon Point be provided to customers upon the purchase of your products. Unless otherwise defined in the Term, capitalized terms used in the Terms shall have the meaning provided in Amazon Points Terms and Conditions.

Amazon Points Issuance

You may provide Amazon Points to customers by designating rate of Amazon Points to be provided to customers at the purchase of your products in the way as designated by Amazon Japan G.K. and Amazon Gift Cards Japan G.K. ("Amazon").

Amazon Points will be vested to customers for purchases of products or services on at the point of time provided in Amazon Points Terms and Conditions.

Upon Confirmed Points of Amazon Points are vested to customers, you will pay 1 yen for every 1 point given to customers to Amazon.

Amazon may deduct the amount payable by you with respect to vesting of Amazon Points from any amount to be paid to you in accordance with other agreements between you and Amazon.

In the event that Amazon points you offered is vested to customers, referral fees payable by you to Amazon Japan G.K. with respect to the sales of your products will be calculated based on the sales amount minus the amount corresponding to points.

In the event that customers canceled or returned a product after Amazon Points are issued, Amazon will refund to you 1 yen for every 1 point vested to customers.

Amazon Points Automatic Update

Points of all your offers will be automatically updated to 1% within a week from the third Wednesday of the following month after you first created offer. You can cancel the automatic update anytime by the end of the third Tuesday of the following month on Points Central or manually update (0%-50%) anytime and as many times as you like.

Invalidation of Amazon Points

Even when Amazon Points vested to customers expired or invalidated because of expiration of Amazon Points, or closure or termination of customer accounts, Amazon will not make any refund to you.


Amazon reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate this Terms or Amazon Points program, and you agree to comply with such determination. Amazon will not be liable for any damages or compensations whatsoever.

Amazon disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect to the operation of Amazon Points. Amazon will not be liable for interference, damage to or loss of data or any other damages caused to you in connection with your use of the Services due to telecommunication incidents, blackouts, computer damage, etc.

You shall comply with Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations or other laws and regulations applicable when using Amazon Points. You are solely responsible for compliance with applicable laws in relation to your use of Amazon Points, and Amazon will not be liable for any damages or losses in relation to the breach of laws.

The award of Amazon Points in excess of 50% of the product price is prohibited. If this provision is breached, we reserve the right to take measures we consider appropriate including a temporary suspension of listing of the products, a suspension or closing of your selling account and withholding of sale proceeds without limiting the rights and obligations of the parties under the Selling Policies and our other policies and guidelines.

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