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How to Change the Number of Days from Order to Shipment

Detailed instructions are available in this manual:

How to Change Lead Time of a product in the Manage Inventory Screen

  1. On the Inventory tab, select Manage Inventory.
  2. Select the product you want to change a lead time and click Edit.
  3. Select the Offer tab.

  4. Specify the number of days of vacation in Fulfillment Latency.
    • Vacations cannot exceed 30 days.
    • If the order cannot be shipped within 30 days, it will be canceled automatically by the system.

  5. Click the Save and finish button.

Lead time cannot be set for products using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

How to Change Lead Time of products using Price and Quantity Change File/Inventory File/Listing Loader File (Pro Merchants Only)


  1. Click on Inventory Report from the Inventory tab, select Active Inventory Report from the Select Report Type pull-down menu, and click the Download Report button.
  2. When Ready is displayed for the Report Status, download the report and save it to your computer. Depending on the number of listings, it may take between 15 and 45 minutes for the status to change to "Ready."

  3. Open the report saved to your computer and get the "Merchant SKU," "Price," "Quantity" and "Inventory Quantity" information.

Setting lead time (number of work days until shipment)

Lead time can be changed in batch using the "Price and Quantity Change File (General)," "Inventory File" or "Listing Loader (L)."

Template files can be downloaded from this page.

Check this page for more information about lead time. For more detailed information, see this manual.

  • If Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is used, FBA products are excluded.
  • The number of days of lead time cannot be variable, such as 5–10. Indicate a specific number, such as "10".
  • If the SKU begins with 0 (zero), the "0" may be deleted, depending on the spreadsheet (such as Excel) settings. Right-click the cell and change the cell formatting from "display format" to "character string."

Using Price and Quantity Change File (General)

Enter values for "Product Management Number (SKU)," "Item Price," "Currency," "Quantity" and "Lead Time" and set "Update/Delete" to "Partial Update."

Using Listing Loader File (L)

Enter values for "Product Management Number (SKU)," "Price," "Quantity" and "Lead Time." While not required, if you set the "Condition Note," it will be displayed as a comment on the Seller List page of Amazon site so set it as required (make sure to enter "Condition Type").

Note: The condition type explanation is not displayed for the Food, and Apparel categories.

Saving File

  1. Click Save As from the file menu. The Save As dialog box will be displayed.
  2. Select Text (Tab Delimited)(.txt) under File Type. Specify the destination for the file, name the file and click Save.
  3. If you get an alert informing you that the selected file type does not support books containing multiple sheets, click OK.
  4. If you get an alert informing you that the file may contain functions that are incompatible with text (tab delimited) and asking whether you want to save the book in this format, click Yes.

Uploading Prepared Listing Loader Files

  1. Select Add Products via Upload from the Inventory tab, and then select Check and Upload your Inventory File tab.
  2. Select Category Specific Inventory File/ Listing Loader File/ Price & Quantity(Generic) from the File type.
  3. Click the Browse button for File upload and select the text file saved in the "Saving File" section above.
  4. Click the Upload button to upload your file.


After uploading the Price and Quantity Change File, if you update the product information leaving "Lead Time" empty in the Listing Loader File, the lead time will be deleted. When updating information with the Listing Loader File, set the "Lead Time" again.

Set Amazon Points when you change price. Setting price without the Amazon Points will zero out points value.

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