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Cash On Delivery Terms of Use

Note: To make Cash On Delivery settlement functionality available, you need to have agreed to these terms. If the Cash on Delivery settlement functionality is available, you (or the representative with authority) will be deemed to have agreed to these terms. Cash on Delivery is only available to Professional Sellers.

If a Seller would like to make use of Cash on Delivery settlement for the items sold through the Seller account, the Seller needs to agree to the Cash on Delivery terms. When a Seller enables the Cash on Delivery settlement, the Seller shall represent and warrant to Amazon that (i) Seller agrees to the Cash on Delivery terms, and (ii) the Cash on Delivery terms are legally binding on the Seller.

The Cash on Delivery settlement is a function that allows Customers to pay to a Seller through a carrier for Cash on Delivery charges set by Amazon in addition to the charges for the goods and shipping. To use the Cash on Delivery function, you will need to fulfill certain requirements set by Amazon. Amazon, in its discretion, determines whether Cash on Delivery function is available to a Seller. Even if Amazon determines that a Seller is eligible to use the Cash on Delivery function, Amazon, in its discretion, at any time, may temporarily or forever terminate the availability or change the functionality of the Cash on Delivery function.

Sellers will, at their cost and obligation, collect from Customers through carriers the amount equivalent to the amount determined by Amazon (totaling charges for goods, shipping fees, and Cash on Delivery fees set by Amazon, minus the amount prepaid by Customers). When Customers place a Cash on Delivery order, Amazon will not transfer the funds for that Cash on Delivery order. In the event that a Seller is unable to collect the Cash on Delivery amount from a Customer for any reason, or even when a Customer rejects a Cash on Delivery order, Amazon will not be responsible for any such loss of the sale amount.

When a Customer places multiple Cash on Delivery orders at the same time, the Seller will send all items together. If multiple shipments are unavoidable, shipping and Cash on Delivery charges shall be borne by the Seller. If goods paid using a Cash on Delivery order are returned to the Seller for incomplete/inaccurate address, or goods are rejected by a Customer or for any other reason, then any shipping charges, Cash on Delivery charges, and any other fees shall also be borne by the Seller. The Seller acknowledges responsibility for such fees when using the Cash on Delivery functionality. In the event that goods paid using Cash on Delivery are returned, regardless of whether cause for such return is attributable to the Customer or the Seller, the purchase price will be refunded to the Customer by Amazon gift certificate and/or cash through bank transfer.

These Cash on Delivery terms supplement all of the current agreements ("Seller Agreements") between the Seller (or its affiliates) and Amazon (or its affiliates) regarding the sales of services or goods through Amazon. These Cash on Delivery terms do not release the Seller from any obligations or liabilities arising from the Seller Agreements.

Only Pro Merchants are eligible to use the Cash On Delivery feature.

To enable the Cash On Delivery functionality, see Payment Method Settings.

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