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Convenience Store Payment Service Terms of Use

Note: By activating the convenience store/ATM/Net Banking/e-Money Payment Service option, you (or the respective representative from your company) have accepted and agreed to be bound by the below Terms of Use.

By using the convenience store/ATM/Net Banking/e-Money Payment Service (hereafter "Convenience Store Payment Service") you agree and accept to be bound by the following terms of use on behalf of the person or group (hereafter the "Seller") who sells their products or services through the Amazon website using their Seller account. You represent and warrant that you have the right to represent the Seller by agreeing to these Terms of Use.

The Convenience Store Payment Service is a service in which the customer can purchase items or services through Amazon and pay for these items or services by cash at the convenience store, ATM, through Net Banking or through e-Money. Unlike purchases using Credit Cards, Gift Cards, or Amazon Points when using the Convenience Store Payment Service the customer's purchase is confirmed on or after the time they paid.

Amazon may revoke temporarily or permanently at any time at our discretion a Seller's use of the Convenience Store Payment Service.

Sellers should make best efforts to avoid cancellations for the reasons attributable to the Sellers such as out of stock. If a cancellation does occur, and if the customer used the Convenience Store Payment Service to pay for the product, Amazon will reimburse the customer with a Gift Card of the same amount as the original purchase or by bank transfer.

The Seller should agree and accept that for each individual purchase, the customer's payment method (Credit Card, Amazon Gift Card, Amazon Points, or Convenience Store Payment Service) will not be disclosed to the Seller.

The above Terms of Use supplement the preexisting agreement between the Seller and its Affiliates and Amazon and its Affiliates regarding the Seller's use of the Amazon site to sell their products or services (hereafter the "Seller Services Agreement"). These Terms of Use will not release any of the obligations or liabilities under the Seller Services Agreement which the Seller or its affiliate may owe, or waive any of the rights under the Seller Services Agreement which Amazon or its affiliate may have.

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