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Communication Guidelines

As part of selling on Amazon, sellers communicate with buyers both directly and indirectly. Amazon requires that sellers follow certain guidelines when communicating with buyers.

Authentic Buyer-Seller Communications

Buyers who want to contact sellers can do so by clicking the "Contact This Seller" link on the Seller at a Glance page.

This link opens a web form with a list of pre-selected subjects (Product Details, Shipping, Returns Policy, or Other Question) and a text box where they can type a short message. While the buyers can type whatever message they want, we block messages that attempt to include hyperlinks or other HTML code. The message is simply plain text, with no other formatting or links.

After the buyer clicks Send e-mail, the message is sent to you, the seller, at your Customer Service Reply-to E-mail address. They receive a confirmation that the e-mail is sent and that you, the seller, will be contacting them shortly.

When you receive these e-mails, please note that they will contain only plain text, and will not contain images, Flash animation, or hyperlinks. If you receive an e-mail regarding a buyer question that is not plain text and yet appears to be coming from Amazon, do not respond to the e-mail or click any links or images in the e-mail. If the e-mail from the buyer encourages you to click or paste a link into your browser, or that asks you to go to another website, we recommend you do not perform this action.

We recommend you review your Seller Central Customer Reply-to E-mail address to verify that it is correct. For information about how to recognize suspicious e-mail, please review Security and Your Account and Safety and Security Tips.

As a convenience to you, this table shows how the topic selected by the buyer in the Contact Seller form affects the subject line of the e-mail you receive:

Topic selected by buyer Subject line of e-mail to seller
Product Details Product details inquiry from Amazon customer
Shipping Shipping inquiry from Amazon customer
Returns Policy Return policy inquiry from Amazon customer
Other Question Inquiry from Amazon customer
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