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This article applies to selling in: Japan

Upload your inventory file

Individual sellers: This feature is only available to sellers with a Professional selling plan. Learn more by visiting Selling plan comparison.

After you build or modify your inventory file, you are ready to upload the tab-delimited text (.txt) or excel (.xls) format file. To upload the inventory file, set your PC to the Japanese environment (Shift-JIS).

  1. Under Inventory on Seller Central, go to Add Products via Upload.
  2. Click Upload your inventory file tab. In Upload File box, drag and drop the inventory file (You could click Browse files instead). When file is selected, the status bar will load from 0 to 100%, validating the file.
    Note: Validation completed status does not finish upload process.

    Once file validation is complete, File type is auto-detected for most cases, except for inventory loader and non-Amazon files. If the File type is not auto-selected, use the drop-down to select your file type.

  3. Once you confirm all the information on the page, click Upload file at the bottom of the page.

Uploading your inventory file is not enough to ensure success, however. After uploading your inventory file, follow the link to review your results. For more information on understanding the results of your upload, please see Review my inventory results.

Purge and replace your inventory

If you want to delete your entire inventory and replace it with only what is in the file you are uploading, click Purge and replace your inventory link on the right upper corner of Upload File box

Note: This will cause any listings which are not in the inventory file to be deleted.

We recommend that you run an Active Listing Report before using the Purge and Replace option. This report provides information about all of the product listings in your seller account, including SKUs with no quantity (0) available. The Active Listings Report provides a good basis for reviewing your existing inventory records and can also serve as a backup file in case there is an error in the file you send when you perform a Purge and Replace.

You will normally add or modify listings by submitting your inventory file with the Add option selected for the SKU you are adding or changing. This is also the default option, so if you don't specify a different option, we will assume you are adding or modifying your inventory data as described in the record. (The add option and the purge and replace operation do not apply to Price & Quantity Files, which are modify-only).

While this can be convenient, especially if you have lost track of the inventory you have listed on Amazon, you should be aware that selecting Purge and Replace can slow down the overall processing of your inventory file and whenever possible it is better to remove a value from the price and quantity field and enter ‘delete’ in the update-delete field before uploading your inventory file.

Using the Purge and Replace option when sending a feed will not remove any listings that you created and managed exclusively using the Add a Product tool. You cannot remove these listings using the Purge and Replace option.

When you request a certain amount of replacement (more than 80% of your products), the uploading process will be put on hold until Amazon reviews whether the transaction can be continued or not. Also, Selling Partner Support team may contact you about the pending. Once the transaction is processed, the data you entered will be reflected to your file. Any interruption or deletion after uploading the process is not available.

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