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What if I can't provide a UPC for some or all of my products?

Most products require product codes to be listed on Amazon. Product codes are also required to check or search for items that have already been listed.

Note: If a product has been registered without the correct product code having been provided, or a listing has been made for that product, Amazon reserves the right to remove the applicable product (including the listing). In addition, if permission for product code exemption is misused, Amazon may revoke the permission granted to the seller.

If a product does not come under the Amazon Brand Registry, in certain cases such as those described below, an application can be submitted - including all of the information required for assessment - to obtain exceptional product code exemption and permission to list a product without a product code. (Note: Only Pro Merchant is eligible for product listing without a product code.)

  • Special goods for which the manufacturer has not provided a product code: Components and parts etc. manufactured in small volumes.
  • Non-consumer products: Products traded between companies, rather than retail sales.
  • Products required to be sold in a set: Products which, for a particular reason, are sold in a set without a product code.

Information about the product code terms and conditions for each product category and about certain exceptions/exemptions can be found here.

Products without product codes can be listed for Pro Merchant only.

Most products require product codes to be listed on However, product code exemptions may be requested in some categories for products that fit into one of the following classifications:

  • Private label: Non-nationally branded product on your own company's label
  • Specialized: Low-volume accessory part/item with a specialized function
  • Non-consumer: A business-to-business product not sold in a retail store
  • Pre-configured: Made-to-order or custom products

Amazon reserves the right to remove product pages for which a product code is not provided.

Exemptions: In some circumstances, we can provide an exemption from product identifier requirements. We look at each situation on a case-by-case basis. You can request an exemption by using the Amazon Services contact form.

  1. Click Contact Us at the bottom of Seller Central page.
  2. Click Permission to sell new products from Inventory drop down menu.
  3. Enter a title and the details. Send messages after that.

The information is transferred to the appropriate department for reviewing through Amazon Technical Support.

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