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Program terms for Seller Fulfilled Prime

Sellers must agree to the following requirements for all items enrolled in Seller Fulfilled Prime ("Prime items"). Requirements for valid tracking, available carriers and shipping methods, customer service, and customer returns apply to all orders of Seller Fulfilled Prime items, regardless of whether the buyer is a Prime member.

If Amazon determines that a seller's actions or performance may result in harm to customer trust, violations of our terms or policies, or cause other risks to customers or Amazon, then we may, in our sole discretion, disable or remove applicable Prime item offers, Seller Fulfilled Prime eligibility, or selling privileges.

For more information, see Maintain enrollment in Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Prime shipping

Sellers are able to offer Prime members the Prime shipping described below for all Prime items.

Shipping Speed Eligible Addresses
FREE Expedited Shipping
  • Selected regions (Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu: Next Day Delivery. Hokkaido, Okinawa, Ritou: Next Day Delivery or Two Day Delivery).
FREE Standard Shipping
  • Selected regions.
  • International destinations.

Sellers must offer free shipping to Prime members in all ship options to the areas that they selected. In addition, Sellers can set shipping fee that they decided for buyers who are not Prime members.

Prime Same Day Delivery

When your shipping address is located in the Prime Same Day available region, you will be able to use Prime Same Day Delivery. For Seller Fulfilled Prime items, you need to use the below required carriers and ship methods.

Apply for Same Day Delivery

Valid Tracking requirement

Sellers must agree to provide valid tracking ID before "Confirm shipment" to maintain Prime eligible bar.

Available shipping carriers and methods

Seller Fulfilled Prime orders must be shipped by the carriers and methods listed below and the ship-from location must be Japan.

Yamato: TA-Q-BIN, TA-Q-BIN Compact, Neko-posu, TA-Q-BIN Timeservice.

Japan Post: Yu-Pack, Letter Pack Plus, Letter Pack Light.

Customer service

All post-order contacts regarding Prime items will be directed to Amazon Customer Service. Amazon will provide, and have sole discretion in determining, all post-order customer service, including customer returns, refunds, and adjustments, related to Prime items. Sellers agree that Amazon may charge the costs of any returns, refunds or other adjustments and concessions related to Prime items to the seller's account. Sellers remain responsible for pre-order buyer inquiries and inquiries related to their products. In addition, sellers are responsible for providing the above services for drug and medical device products, because Amazon Customer Service is not able to provide this service for such products due to legal compliance issues and information security concerns.

Delivery guarantee

A guaranteed delivery date message will be displayed on the item detail and checkout pages for all Prime items eligible for expedited shipping. Amazon Customer Service may provide full shipping cost refunds when contacted by customers regarding a late delivery of any Prime item, and the cost of these refunds may be charged to the seller’s account.

Customer returns requirements and policies

To ensure a great customer experience, all Prime items are subject to Amazon's return policies. Prime items will have auto-authorization of returns initiated within that item's return window (when you enroll the item in Prime, no further action is needed for returns to be auto-authorized). Amazon Customer Service may make case-by-case exceptions to the return policies, including accepting returns for Prime items past stated return time frames. See Customer Service above for more details.

Table 2. Customer service and returns requirements and policies

Item Policy or requirements
General return expectations Buyers requesting to return a Prime item within Amazon's return policy will have their return approved immediately.
Return shipping location All returns of Seller Fulfilled Prime items will be shipped to the return address provided on the Settings > Account Info page in Seller Central.
Refund processing time All returned Prime items must be processed and refunded within two business days of the item arriving in a seller’s warehouse.
Refund amount Generally, a full refund must be granted to the customer when a Prime item is returned in accordance with Amazon Return Policy.

Charges for return shipping

Sellers are responsible for the return shipping cost of any Seller Fulfilled Prime items that buyers return, except as outlined in Table 3. The cost of return shipping may only be deducted from the buyer's refund according to the reason codes detailed below.

Table 3. Customer return reason codes

# Return Codes Paid by
1 Accidental order Customer
2 Better price available Customer
3 Performance or quality not adequate Seller
4 Incompatible or not useful for intended purpose Seller
5 Damaged due to inappropriate packaging Seller
6 Missed estimated delivery date Seller
7 Missing parts or accessories Seller
8 Damaged during shipping Seller
9 Wrong item sent Seller
10 Defective or does not work properly Seller
11 Arrived in addition to what was ordered Seller
12 No longer needed or wanted Customer
13 Unauthorized purchase Seller
14 Description on website was not accurate Seller
15 Part not compatible with existing system Customer
16 Excessive Installation/Did not Install Customer
17 Wrong size: too small/short Customer
18 Wrong size: too large/long Customer
19 Dead battery/does not work Seller
20 Missing paperwork/manual/warrantee Seller
21 Missing promised certification Seller
22 Tarnished/unacceptable condition Seller

In addition to providing free returns for the reasons detailed above, sellers must provide free returns for all Seller Fulfilled Prime items in the following product categories regardless of the reason code selected by the buyer:

  • Apparel
  • Luggage
  • Shoes

Unreturnable items

Most Seller Fulfilled Prime items that are classified as hazardous material ("hazmat") or potentially hazmat are not returnable by customers. Unreturnable items will be blocked in the Online Return Centers. However, customers will be able to call Amazon Customer Service for a refund on these items and Amazon Customer Service might issue a refund for unreturnable items in its sole discretion. Amazon might charge the costs of any refunds to the seller's account. If you believe an item has been incorrectly classified as hazmat, contact Seller Support for assistance.

Listing a Pre-order Item

Pre-order Item is not available with Seller Fulfilled Prime. If Pre-order Item would be seen as Seller Fulfilled Prime offer, sellers will lose its eligibility to join the program.

Offer listings

Sellers cannot create separate offers for the same ASIN and list one of them as a Seller Fulfilled Prime offer and the other as a MFN offer (without prime). Offers on the same ASIN that have the same attributes, conditions, and condition notes are considered identical offers.

Product Availability

Sellers cannot enroll in Seller Fulfilled Prime any products that have a future restock date. If a Seller runs out of inventory on a specific product, this product should be removed from the program until its inventory has been replenished.

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