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This article applies to selling in: Japan

FBA prohibited products

Substances regulated by the Narcotics Act

Failure to comply with the Policies, Prohibited Content, and Condition Guidelines result in Amazon will decide how to handle the inventory, including refusal and disposal. Also the following products are not acceptable for FBA based on the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement. Contact Technical Support if you have any question of sellable and unsellable products.

The following products cannot be shipped with FBA:

  • Products that do not meet standards and laws in Japan

    For instance, products that do not meet standards and laws in Japan include, without limitation, the following:

    • Products that do not have Japanese label which is required by laws and regulations (for example, Foreign Cosmetics, Quasi-drugs and Food that do not have required Japanese label)
    • Products without necessary approval or authorization in Japan (for example, Unapproved or Unauthorized Medical equipment)

    We may ask you to submit an appropriate certification or document which shows the product meet standards and laws in Japan depending on the product.

  • Products which cannot be stored at room temperature

    Products requiring refrigeration, freezing, or specific temperature control, are prohibited. In addition, products having potentially explosive property due to the changes during storage in fulfillment center, such as Miso of which package has air vents, are restricted to send to the fulfillment center.

  • Plants and Animals

    All animals, living or dead

    Any product containing plant seeds

  • Hazardous Materials and Chemicals

    Any product that contains chemicals, explosives, flammable materials, corrosive substances, toxic substances, radioactive materials, magnetic materials regardless of components such as gasses, liquids, solids (including powder and granulated powder)

    1. Restricted hazardous materials of class 1 to 6 specified in the "Fire Service Act":

      Class 1 (oxidizing solids)

      For example, sodium chlorate, potassium chlorate, sodium perchlorate, ammonium perchlorate

      Class 2 (flammable solids)

      For example, Phosphorus sulfide, red phosphorus, sulfur, iron powder, magnesium

      Class 3 (spontaneously combustible substances and water-reactive substances)

      For example, metallic potassium, metallic sodium

      Class 4 (inflammable liquid)

      For example, Class I petroleum, alcohols, special inflammable materials (diethyl ether, carbon disulfide, or any other liquid whose ignition point is 100 degrees Celsius (℃) or lower at one atmospheric pressure, or whose flash point is minus 20 degrees or lower and whose boiling point is 40℃ or lower at one atmospheric pressure)

      Class 5 (self-reactive substances)

      For example, organic peroxides, nitric esters for explosives, nitro compounds

      Class 6 (oxidizing liquids)

      For example, perchloric acid, nitric acid, halogen compounds

    2. Restricted products under the Gunpowder Control Law and the Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law
    3. Prohibited transport products

      Products that contain any hazardous materials or any product designated as dangerous goods by Peach Aviation, the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, and JACIS

    4. Products with a symbol warning of danger

      Products marked with a skull-and-cross-bones or flames

    5. Products with warning messages such as "Flammable - Keep Away from Fire" and "Hazardous materials class **"

      Products with a warning message that includes a simplified description may be granted an exception on a case-by-case basis (for example, burnable, watch out for fire and heat, flammable gas, watch out for fire, never put this product close to fire, do not heat to over 40℃, do not heat, nitrogen gas, liquefied petroleum gas.)

    6. Aerosol products

      All products that contain aerosol propellants such as liquefied gas, compressed gas, and compressed air (for example, hair sprays, hair mousse, hair grower, spray paint, fly spray, oxygen spray, glue spray, air dusters, portable extinguishers, deodorant.)

  • Unapproved Products in products and categories which require Amazon’s approval before listing.
  • Medical equipment

    You cannot list any medical equipment that needs appointment of professional manager. Only controlled medical equipment for home use (see below) and general medical devices can be listed as an FBA product. The following table lists generic names of controlled medical equipment for home use that are sellable if you submit a notification to the jurisdictional public health authorities. If your product has no generic name, Amazon may contact you for additional information regarding the product.

  • Controlled medical devices for home use only specified by Ministerial Notification No. 68 2006 of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW)
    Class notification annexed table number 2 General Name
    1609 Dental adhesives
    1610 Glue type denture adhesives
    1611 Liner type denture adhesives
    1718 Electric massagers for home use
    1719 Pneumatic massagers suitable for home use
    1720 Vacuum powered massagers suitable for home use
    1721 Vibrators with attached needles
    1722 Digital compressors with heating for home use
    1723 Digital compressors with rollers suitable for home use
    1724 Digital compressors with airs suitable for home use
    1725 Ultra-sonic bubble baths suitable for home use
    1726 Bubble bath suitable for home use
    1727 Whirlpool bath suitable for home use
    1728 Bathtubs for hydro massage therapy for home use
    1757 Electromagnetic induction therapy apparatus suitable for home use
    1758 Magnetic induction therapy apparatus using permanent magnets suitable for home use
    1760 Moxibustion apparatus
    1761 Ultra-sonic vaporizers suitable for home use
    1762 Electric humidifiers suitable for home use
    1763 Electric vaporizers suitable for home use
    1764 Batch process water de-ionizers
    1765 Continuous flow water de-ionizers
    1780 Adhesive plasters
    1781 Acupuncture equipment for home use
    1782 Vaginal douches
    1783 Contraceptive micro-condoms
  • Medical products
  • Cash vouchers

    You cannot list any cash vouchers (Gift certificates, Prepaid cards, Bank of Japan notes, Stamps, Revenue stamps, Admission tickets for events, and related products which have monetary value whatever it’s format), except below items.

    [Exception for cash voucher listing]

    • Prepaid mobile SIM of which period of use is not exceeding 6 month.

  • Precious metal bars, ingots, ground metals such as gold, platinum, silver
  • Gold, silver, copper coins, commemorative coins
  • Old coins and notes
  • Products prohibited by program policies
  • Products that are subject to a recall or prohibited for sale in Japan
  • Neodymium magnets or any magnetic product that could harm other products
  • Products produced from marijuana which possession, etc. are prohibited by law, e.g., products containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
  • Products containing cannabidiol (CBD)

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