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Manage Amazon Points

Amazon Points is well acknowledged by consumers in the Japan marketplace. Consumers can earn Points by purchasing items with point offerings, and then they can redeem the Points they earn on other eligible items. 1 point is equivalent to 1 JPY.

Sellers have the option to offer Amazon Points on any of their listed offers.

For more information on Amazon Points Service Agreement, see here.

Offer and pay for Amazon Points

Points offering

Point offerings on an item are displayed on the product detail page under the price of the item. Buyers earn the Points offered on a purchased item once the shipment of that item is confirmed.

Note: If an offer with points is running deal (Deal of the Day, Lightening Deal and 7-day Deal), points will not be displayed or cannot be earned by customers during the deal period. For example, even if you set 1% for an offer which is running Deal of the Day (DOTD,) the offer will not show points during the DOTD period, neither can customers earn points from this offer. After the deal, the display of points will show again automatically and customers will be able to earn points.

Paying for points offering

The monetary value of the Points offered on an item is deducted from your sales proceeds before they are disbursed to your account.

Fees for SKUs with point offerings

Amazon fee rates will be applied to the price of the item minus the monetary value of the Points offered on that item (1 pt=1 JPY). Learn more about the selling on Amazon fee schedule.

Cancellations, returns, and refunds on orders with points

Cancel an item

If the buyer makes a change to an order after is has been placed, such as changing the item quantity of canceling the order entirely, no Points transaction will occur.

Return an item

If an item is returned, the Amazon Points earned from the item are deducted from the buyer's account and returned to your seller account. In the case of a partial refund, Points refunded will be automatically calculated by a directly proportional percentage of the item price refund.

Note: Points will not be returned to your account in the case of an A-to-z Guarantee Claim.

Refund a buyer

Full Refund Partial Refund
The full price of the item is returned to the buyer's bank account, and the seller will get back all Points they granted to the buyer.

The amount of Points returned will be automatically calculated by an amount directly proportional to the price of the item.

Example: If you refund the buyer 10% of a product that you sold for 1000 JPY + 200 offered Points, 100 JPY will be refunded to the buyer and 20 Points will be returned to your account.

Set Account-Level Points Percent on Amazon Points Central

You can set a single point percentage for all your offers using the Account-Level Points Percent feature in Amazon Points Central. For detailed instructions, see Amazon Points Central

Note: In the case that there is an insufficient balance of Points in the buyer's account, the monetary value of the refund will be adjusted to make up for the Points that were unable to be refunded.

Set points on existing inventory item

You can set Points from 1%-50% of an item's monetary value.

To set Amazon Points to an item that is already in your inventory, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Inventory and select Manage Inventory.
  2. Find the Points column on the inventory table.
  3. Enter Point amount by percentage of total cost of item and click Calculate Points.
  4. Select Save Changes.

Set points on new inventory item

To set Amazon Points to a new product that you are adding to you inventory, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Inventory tab and select the Add a Product button.
  2. Search for your product and click Sell Yours.
    Note: If the product does not exist, click the Create a new product listing button.
  3. Go to the Offer tab and enter Point percentage in the box under Your Price.
  4. Finish completing the form and save changes.

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