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Set quantity for shipment to Amazon

You can check the problems for shipping plan by using the following self-service tool.

The first step when you create a shipping plan is to create a list of the products that you want to send and specify how many of each you plan to include in your shipment.

Set Quantity is the first step in the six-step shipment creation process.

  1. Set quantity for shipment to Amazon
  2. Prepare your products for FBA shipping
  3. Label products
  4. Review shipments to Amazon
  5. Prepare shipment to Amazon
  6. Summary of shipment process

You can also quickly add products to your inventory, add and remove products from your shipping plan, update incomplete offers, and duplicate or delete the current shipping plan in the Set Quantity page.

Note: To update the quantity in the shipping plan, go to the Prepare shipment page and click Review and modify units to see if you can still update the quantity. If the quantity is no longer editable, delete the shipping plan and create a new plan with correct quantity.

All products

The All products tab displays a list of all of the products that you have selected to include in your shipping plan.

To add products to your shipping plan:

  1. Click Add products at the right of the page.
  2. Type the product name, ASIN, or SKU in the text box and click Search my inventory.
    Important: You can only search for inventory that is fulfilled by Amazon. Inventory that you fulfill yourself is not searchable.
  3. For each product in the list that you want to add, click Add product.

To set the quantity of each product that you want to send, in the Units column, type the total number.

Information required

The Information required tab appears only if you have added products to your shipping plan that require additional information. If the Information required tab appears, click it to review any information that must be added before completing your shipping plan.

Removal required

The Removal required tab lists products that must be removed before you complete your shipping plan. Click the tab to review those products.

Important: Failure to comply with FBA product preparation requirements, safety requirements, and product restrictions may result in the refusal, disposal, or return of inventory upon reception at the fulfillment center, the blocking of future shipments, or an additional charge for additional preparation or non-compliance.

Remove products from your plan by clicking X in the Remove column.

Action recommended alert

The Action recommended alert will appear if you have included products in your shipping plan that we have identified as slow-moving, meaning they are unlikely to sell in a timely manner. We recommend that you remove these products from the shipping plan. However, if you still want to include these products, you can check the box to acknowledge the alert and continue to create the shipping plan.

Excess inventory alert

The Excess inventory alert will appear if you have included products in your shipping plan that we have identified as excess inventory, meaning that you already have more than the recommended number of units in stock. We recommend removing these products from your shipping plan and taking action to reduce your excess inventory by visiting Manage Excess Inventory. However, if you still want to send these products to Amazon, you can check the box to acknowledge the alert and continue to create the shipping plan.

Duplicate or delete a plan

If you send in the same products on a regular basis, you can save time by duplicating a previous plan and making adjustments. To duplicate a plan, click Duplicate and then select the plan you want to copy.

You can delete a plan you’re working on by clicking Delete.

Next steps

After you have made all of the adjustments that you want to make, click Continue.

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