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CustomizationInfo and CustomerOrderInfo fields

Order report feed contains the following CustomizationInfo and CustomerOrderInfo fields to simplify the Order report.

Note: The fields in your report vary based on your seller account type, therefore you will only see a subset of the fields in your Orders reports feeds.

CustomizationInfo fields

All sellers
Condition Indicates the condition of the item
ConditionType Sub-type of Condition: provides extra detail about the item's condition
SD-EndTime Provides the scheduled delivery end time of an order
SD-StartTime Provides the scheduled delivery start time of an order
SD-WindowTZ Indicates the time zone of the scheduled delivery end and start times
ListingID An identifier created by Amazon when you create a listing; consists of four digits, a capital letter, and six more digits
DateListed Date when the item was listed on Amazon
UPC Universal Product Code
MarketplaceID Amazon marketplace identifier
CompoundTitle The title of the ASIN, which may include extra information such as product-type

CustomerOrderInfo fields

All sellers
GiftOption Giftwrap description
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