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Reimbursements report (overview)

Reimbursements report provides itemized details for all reimbursements, including those requested by you and those that are generated automatically. Reimbursements appear in your account 4-5 days after the reimbursement is approved.

Tip: For information about FBA customer refunds, see FBA customer returns.

Reimbursements also appear in the Payments report. To locate a reimbursement:

  1. In Seller Central, select Payments from Reports drop-down.
  2. In the Payments Dashboard, click Transaction view.
  3. In Transaction Type, select Other, then click Update.
  4. In the Product Details column, search for Balance Adjustment or FBA Inventory Reimbursement.

For the reimbursements that you requested, use the case ID in the report to view the details. For reimbursements associated with a customer refund, use the Amazon order ID in the report to view the details.

Reimbursements can take up to five days to appear in the report after they have been approved. When more than one reimbursement is processed on the same day for the same issue, they may be combined into a single transaction.

Field Definitions

Online Header Download Header Description
Date approval-date The date the reimbursement was approved.
Reimbursement ID reimbursement-id Unique identifier for a reimbursement. Each reimbursement may include multiple line items.
Case ID case-id Unique ID assigned to the case when the reimbursement is requested through Technical Support.
Amazon Order ID amazon-order-id Unique ID assigned to the order. This field is empty if it is not applicable.
Reason reason Reason for the reimbursement, for example "Damaged: Warehouse."
Merchant SKU Sku SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) are unique blocks of letters or numbers that identify your products. SKUs can be assigned by the seller.
FNSKU fnsku Unique ID assigned by Amazon to products stored in and fulfilled from Amazon fulfillment centers.
ASIN asin ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) are unique blocks of ten letters or numbers assigned by Amazon to identify products in the Amazon product catalog. You can find the ASIN on the product detail page.
Title product-name The name of your product.
Condition condition The condition of your item, for example, "New."
Quantity quantity Number of units reimbursed for this line item.
[Does not appear in the online version] currency-unit Local currency for this market.
Amount Per Unit amount-per-unit The per-unit reimbursement amount for this line item.
Amount Total amount-total The total amount of the cash reimbursement for this line item.
Quantity Reimbursed [Cash] quantity-reimbursed-cash The total number of units reimbursed with cash.
Quantity Reimbursed [Inventory] quantity-reimbursed-inventory The number of units reimbursed with inventory.
Quantity Reimbursed [Total] quantity-reimbursed-total The total number of units reimbursed with either cash or inventory (Quantity Reimbursed [Cash] + Quantity Reimbursed [Inventory]).
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