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Standard Book Loader Instructions

The Book Loader allows sellers to upload thousands of listings in a single file for matching against product pages in the Amazon catalog. You can use the Book Loader to keep your listings up to date by modifying existing items, adding new stock, and deleting unavailable items. You can even purge and replace all listings with a single upload.

The Book Loader will either match your listing data to an existing product page in the Amazon catalog or create a new product detail page if none exists. You can use the Book Loader to create listings for books that do not have an ISBN.

An inventory file is a tab-delimited text file that contains the product-related data Amazon needs to create detail pages and to offer your inventory for sale. You can create multiple new product pages and offerings using a single inventory file. The inventory file for books is called the Standard Book Loader.

To create a Standard Book Loader file, you must first download the Standard Book Loader template to your hard drive. The template will open as a Microsoft Excel file. It contains a pre-formatted worksheet for providing your product data. The file includes additional worksheets to help you complete the template. You can also enable optional macros to automate some of the steps for creating and uploading your file.

Template definitions

When you open the template, you will see five tabs along the bottom of the workbook:

Instructions An overview of how to use the product template.
Images Information on how to include images in your upload. Includes file-type requirements and naming conventions as well as size, dots per inch (DPI), and style requirements.
Data Definitions A detailed review of each field in the inventory file, including label name, definition, use case, accepted values, and an example.
  • Required (in Bold): You must complete all required fields to have your product upload properly.
  • Desired: This information gives customers the basic details they need to make an informed purchasing decision. It is highly recommended that you fill in all preferred cells. Not doing so may result in poor product descriptions, make your product hard to find, or both. For example, a product can exist in the catalog, but it cannot be offered for sale without a price or quantity, in which case the product would not surface on the website.
  • Optional: This information may be useful, but not critical, when offering a product for sale. We encourage you to fill out all optional cells that apply to your products.
Valid Values Lists of valid values for each data type found on the BookLoader Template tab.
BookLoader Template The actual worksheet in which you enter your product data, using the specifications listed on the Data Definitions tab. This worksheet contains a row identifying which template you are using and another row with column headings (label names) representing each of the fields in your inventory file. It has color-coded column headers to indicate whether the field is required (bold), desired, or optional.

The template file contains fields that are either required, desired, or optional. This is a select list of fields. For the full list, with definitions, accepted values, and examples, see the Data Definition tab in the template file.

Required fields

If a value is not included in the following fields, your listing will not display on the Amazon website. Under certain circumstances, values are also required in other fields. (See "Desired Fields," below.)

Note: All column headings must appear exactly as shown, in lower-case letters with no spaces or quotation marks. Make sure that dashes appear in any multi-word column heading names. We recommend that you use the pre-built template, but you may construct your own file and insert the correct column headings.
  • sku: A SKU is a "stock keeping unit" and the product management ID for sellers. The SKUs must be unique for each individual item in your current template and existing listings. The content is uploaded after entering the following 5 items and cross-checking them with ISBN. Make sure to enter the correct information.
    • author: Name of the author.
    • title: Title of the book.
    • publisher: The book's publisher.
    • pub-date:The date that the book was published. Set the date to "YYY-MM-DD" in Format Cells of Excel. Enter the issue date of each version for those other than the first one.
    • binding: For types of binding, see the Definition and Use column of Book Loader template file.
      Note: If these 5 items do not exist, enter "product-id" and "product-id-type" to match the product.
  • price: Enter the selling price of each product in JPY.
  • product-id: Enter the ISBN of your book listing (if applicable). This field is optional but recommended if you have it cataloged in your database or can otherwise provide it.
  • product-id-type: A numerical entry that indicates if the product-id is an ASIN, ISBN, UPC, or JAN/EAN code or number. Enter either of the number from 1 to 4:
    • 1 = ASIN
    • 2 = ISBN
    • 3 = UPC
    • 4 = EAN
  • quantity: Make sure to enter the quantity of the products when newly listing the product. You can enter from "1" to "1000". The items must be in stock and on-hand at the time a purchase is made.
  • source-country-code: Enter "JP" for the Japanese books or otherwise "US".
  • is-fixed-price: If the book is the resale product, enter "true", or otherwise "false".
  • msrp: Enter the price with tax included. Do not use commas.
  • item-condition: Select either of the following numbers that indicates the condition of the item.
    • 1 = Used - Like New
    • 2 = Used - Very Good
    • 3 = Used - Good
    • 4 = Used - Acceptable
    • 5 = Collectible - Like New
    • 6 = Collectible - Very Good
    • 7 = Collectible - Good
    • 8 = Collectible - Acceptable
    • 11 = New. For more information on conditions, see the Condition Guidelines.
  • language: Make sure to always select the appropriate one from the Valid Values tab of the template.
Note: As a reminder, it is strictly prohibited to offer New books in the “Used books” category, and to describe or qualify as “New” a book offered in the “Used books” category.”

Optional fields

The following Standard Book Loader fields are optional and partially desired. Providing detailed information to buyers will generally increase interest in your listings. Use small letters and do not use spaces. Do not include the double quotation marks.

  • optional-payment-type-exclusion : Set this value when disabling Cash On Delivery (COD), Convenience store / ATM / Internet banking / Edy payment (hereinafter "CVS") by SKU. If blanked, it is considered as unselected. When you want to reset the excluded payment method and set that none is excluded, set "exclude_none".
    • exclude cod: Exclude COD
    • exclude cvs: Exclude CVS
    • exclude cod, cvs: Exclude both COD and CVS
    • exclude_none: No payment method is excluded.
  • condition-note: Describe the difference between the new product selling in Amazon and that being listed by the seller. Enter the comments or descriptions on new, used, collectible, and resale products to be listed to Amazon Marketplace, which should be up to 2,000 bytes (666 double-byte characters).
  • is-adult-product: Select "true" for the product in the adult category or otherwise "false". The default is "false". This is for hiding the inappropriate products from the search result. *The prohibited adult products specified in Selling Policies cannot be listed in any case regardless of this value.
  • will-ship-internationally: A code indicating the countries to which you want to ship. Select one of the following numbers:
    • 11 = Domestic shipping only
    • 12 = All areas in Asia
    • 13 = All areas in Asia, North America, and Europe
    • 14 = Worldwide
  • main-image-url: Product images must have a resolution of 72 pixels per inch and a minimum of 500 pixels in length. The file format is JPEG (.jpg). Full URL path including "http://" should be described and valid. When you name your images, use the following naming convention: SKU + product view type (.main) + file extension (.jpg). (e.g. 15774.main.jpg) Please do not include spaces or extended ASCII characters in the URL for the image. Save the image in the Web server and enter the URL where the main offer-specific image of the product is located.
  • package-height: Enter the numeric value of a number with up to 10 digits to the left of the decimal point and 2 digits to the right of the decimal point. Do not use commas.
  • package-width: Enter the numeric value of a number with up to 10 digits to the left of the decimal point and 2 digits to the right of the decimal point. Do not use commas.
  • package-length: Enter the numeric value of a number with up to 10 digits to the left of the decimal point and 2 digits to the right of the decimal point. Do not use commas.
  • package-length-unit-of-measure: Select one of the options from CM, FT, IN, M, or MM when entering the value in "package-length" .
  • package-weight: Enter the numeric value of a number with up to 10 digits to the left of the decimal point and 2 digits to the right of the decimal point. Do not use commas.
  • package-weight-unit-of-measure : Select one of the options from GR, KG, OZ, or LB when entering the value in "package-weight" .
  • illustrator: Illustrator names of the book. This is a text field limited to 16 characters.
  • edition: Enter the edition of the book such as first or out of print. This is a text field limited to 16 characters.
  • subject: Select the appropriate one from the Valid Values tab of the template.
  • registered-parameter: Normally it can be blank, but enter the value if needed.
  • update-delete: Indicate with an "a" those listings you wish to update/add to your current inventory. A value of "d" will reduce the listings inventory to 0, but the listing details will remain in the system. Indicate with a value of "x" the listings which you wish to completely delete from your current inventory, and all product information for these listings will be completely removed and cannot be recovered once removed.
  • fulfillment-center-id: If the product is from Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), enter "AMAZON_JP" in this item. No need to enter for the product other than the FBA inventory.

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