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This article applies to selling in: Japan

Arranging Truck Load Delivery to Amazon

Arrange Truck Load Delivery to Amazon

Note: When creating a Truck Load Delivery, please select Less Than Truckload (LTL option) as Shipping Service.

For sellers who arranges domestic shipments using pallets, schedule a delivery appointment with one of the carriers below. Your carrier will schedule an advanced delivery appointment through the Carrier Central. Please note that some branch offices of these carriers do not provide this service.

  • Seino Transportation Co., Ltd.
  • Katolec Corporation
  • Toll Express Japan Co., Ltd.
  • ecohai Co., Ltd.

If you ship your products to an Amazon Fulfillment Center using a charter vehicle or use a carrier that is not listed above, you need to schedule a delivery appointment from Carrier Central. For details about how to make an appointment at the portal site, see CARP Instruction Manual (Japanese).

Note: All carriers must register with Amazon before appointments will be granted. Your items will be returned if there is no advanced delivery appointments and any transportation costs incurred to reship to you will be at your expense.

For sellers with shipments that originate in other countries, following carriers support your shipments from overseas. If you are using other carrier, ask your carrier to create a delivery appointment with an Amazon Fulfillment Center through Carrier Central. A container delivery is not allowed for shipments to Japan.

  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • SGX
  • Seino Transportation Co., Ltd.

Pallets Requirements

The following pallets are allowed to use when shipping products to Amazon. We do not lend pallets for shipping.


  • All four sides of a pallet must not exceed 110 cm each. (Exception: Pallets to deliver beer).
  • Pallets for hand lift use
  • Four-way insertion pallets and one side pallets

    Two-way insertion pallets and one side use pallets (it is conditional that it can safely be unloaded with a hand lift from the back of the truck.)

  • Plastic or wooden pallets (Please note that you may be requested to unload upon arrival at Amazon fulfillment centers if you use wooden pallets.)

The following pallets are prohibited to use when shipping products to Amazon.


  • Damaged pallets
  • Do not ship units on pallets that are made of weak material such as cardboard or particle board
  • Both sided pallets
  • Loading on the truck which has a coating inside by wax
  • Double stacking pallets
  • We cannot keep your pallets until next shipping

Requirements for shipping with pallets

  • The stretch-wrap must completely hold the product to the pallet to prevent shifting during transit. Wrapped pallets must have pallet labels and shipping labels placed on all four sides and on the outside of the stretch-wrap. However, in the case of multiple items (ASIN), wrap with a stretch film after attaching a FBA ship label to each carton box and then apply the pallet labels on the four sides of the pallet. All pallets must be stretch-wrapped in clear plastic with a "do not break stretchwrap" or "do not break down" notification in Japanese ("フィルム切開禁止" or "開梱禁止" in Japanese) to alert the carrier.
  • Use pallets in good condition for shipping.
  • Broken or damaged pallets are not acceptable and may be rejected at the seller's expense. Rejected shipments will not be returned to address outside of Japan.
  • A pallet height must not exceed 1.6 meters including the height of the cartons.

    *1.5 meters or less is allowed in NRT1.

  • Amazon recommends using a pallet with the minimum height (thickness) of 20cm.
  • Use plastic or wooden pallets (polypropylene material is recommended).
  • Amazon fulfillment centers basically do not accept exchange or return of pallets.
  • Pallets can be returned if you use the pallet rental service of the Japan Pallet Rental Corporation. For details about how to use the service, see this information (Japanese).
  • Total weight of a pallet must not exceed 1000 kg (load capacity).
  • All four sides of a pallet must not exceed 110 cm each. (Exception: Pallets to deliver beer).
  • Merchandise must not overhang the pallet edge. Use corner boards to help protect and maintain the stability of boxes in transit.
  • Please note that you may be requested to unload upon arrival at Amazon fulfillment centers.

Shipping Label Requirements

Requirements for shipping labels differ when you use a generic carton box or a manufacture-specific shipping box. Before you schedule a delivery appointment, please see what the requirements are according to the box type you use.

Note: Amazon recommends to use generic shipping box for your shipment. You can use manufacture-specific shipping box only if the box is designed for the purpose of both presentation and shipping.

Please check the following rules when putting multiple ASINs/items on one pallet.

  • Divide ASINs/items so they can be identified as different ASINs/items.
  • Products with color variations or bundled items should be treated as separate products (SKU)
  • Combine the items so that the weight is distributed evenly

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