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Small parcel delivery to Amazon

On this page, you will learn about the shipping requirements that apply to small parcel deliveries to Amazon fulfillment centers.

Important: Failure to comply with FBA product preparation requirements, safety requirements, and product restrictions may result in the refusal of inventory at the Amazon fulfillment center, disposal or return of inventory, blocking of future shipments to the fulfillment center, or charging for preparation or for non-compliance at the fulfillment center. Please share these requirements with your carrier or vendor to ensure that they fully understand and adhere to these requirements.

Providing box content information improves the management of your inventory within Amazon and helps your products become available for sale more quickly. It is important to provide the box content information and follow the guidelines below:

  • Each box must contain inventory from one Shipment ID only. You must not combine Units from multiple shipments in the same box. You can find the Shipment ID on the shipment summary page. See the Packaging Requirements for more details.
  • Ensure that the shipment details listed in your Seller Account match the physical shipment to the fulfillment center:
    • Merchant SKU
    • FNSKU
    • Condition
    • Quantity shipped
    • Packing option (individually packed or case packed)
  • For some products and services, we are temporarily suspending receiving and shipments for products and parcels that exceed each weight limit according to the package size.. Please refer the Size and Weight Limitation of Package below.
  • If the weight is greater than 15kg, you must specify "overweight" on the top and one side of the outer box.
  • Check the following table for box dimensions. Boxes that exceed dimensions and weight in the table may result in refusal at a fulfillment center.
  • Dimensions of shipping boxes that are provided by manufacturers are different as shown in the table below. Those boxes have to be clearly recognized as the manufacturer’s shipping box.

Size and Weight Limitation of Package

Important: Your package size must meet the below criteria per product size tier of the inventory placement (click here to see the definition of the size tier) . Amazon will not accept shipment if it doesn’t meet this requirement.
Product Size tier of Inventory placement Weight and Size Limitation of a Package Boxes provided by manufacturers
Small/Standard Shorter than 45cm L x 35cm W x 20cm H

Weighs less than 9kg

Shorter than 50cm L x 60cm W x 50cm H

Weighs 30kg or less

And more than 18.1cm L×10.0cm W ×2.5cm H

Weighs 0.15kg or more

* The following weight restrictions are temporarily set.

For products weighing 15 kg or less, the total weight of one package must be 15 kg or less.

Shorter than 95cm L×69.9cm W×50.9cm H

Weighs less than 40kg

* Temporary the same weight limit as on the left is set.

Large Longer than 45cm L x 35cm W x 20cm H and shorter than 95cm L x 70 cm W x 51 cm H

Weight is less than 40 kg more than 9 kg

Total dimensions must be within 216 cm

Weighs less than 40kg

* The following weight restrictions are temporarily set.

When using FBA Prep Service or FBA Label Service for non-expiration dated product… less than 15kg

* For products weighing 15 kg or less, the total weight of one package must be 15 kg or less.

Shorter than 95cm L×69.9cm W×50.9cm H

Weighs less than 40kg

* Temporary the same weight limit as on the left is set.

Supersize Longer than 95cm L×70cm W×51cm H and total dimensions must be within 260cm

Weighs less than 50kg

Total dimensions must be within 400cm and the longest side is less than 250cm

Weighs less than 80kg

Same as the left column

Amazon will not accept any boxes that are shipped in any of the conditions below.

  • Damaged or soiled shipping box
  • Bundled Boxes (do not bundle boxes using bagging, elastic, or extra straps when shipping multiple packages)
  • Packing must be strong enough to withstand stress during the transportation and receiving. Take extra care when reusing a shipping box. Make sure to use a rigid box with flaps intact.

Boxes provided by manufacturers satisfies listed below conditions.

  • Boxes provided by manufacturers are a shipping box which the manufacturer's logo and product name information are printed on.
  • Logo sticker is ok for Manufacturer’s logo on boxes provided by manufacturers.

Note: Please note that when a set product is delivered in the box provided by manufacturers, the quantity must be indicated on the shipping box. Please note that if there is no description of the quantity, it will be judged as a single item and may be unpacked by FC. And units that are sets must be marked as sets on their packaging where clearly visible. Click here to check the packing requirements.

Examples below are unacceptable for reception at Amazon fulfillment centers.

Shipping box with no product information such as manufacturer's logo, item name, and quantity
Damaged shipping box Handwriting on the exterior of the box, use of multiple packing tapes

Customized boxes will not be received at Amazon fulfillment centers.

  • Shipping boxes that were altered to fit the product size (bigger or smaller) by truncating (smaller) or combining several boxes (bigger)
  • Using another cardboard box to lid instead of using shipment box flaps


Original box was reduced in size Several boxes were combined to enlarge the box size

Box material is not durable and jute bag

Choose the box with appropriate size or it might cause damage. If the box is too large, make sure to use enough and suitable cushioning material to protect the package contents. If the box is too small for the contents, the stress will build up to cause damage during the transport.

Ensure that the packing tape does not stick to the box content. This may cause damage to the product when the tape is cut to open the package.

Example of damage caused because the shipping box was too large for the content and cushioning material was not used
  • Accepted forms of packing materials include foam, air pillows, and full sheets of paper. Do not use biodegradable packing (Cornstarch packing), crinkle wrap, or shredded paper.
  • Print a full set of labels. Because each label is unique, do not photocopy, reuse, or modify labels for use on additional boxes.
  • Shipment labels printed on Seller Central must be consistently placed in a way that is easy to visually locate, either on the top or side of the box. Side placement is preferred. The shipment label contains the data of PO/Shipment numbers that can reduce the time of transaction in the Amazon Fulfillment center. In other words, processing may take longer if shipment labels are not placed in a proper way.
  • The highest standard of quality is required for all FBA products. Packing must be strong enough to withstand any stress during transportation and receiving.

Please contact us if you have any questions about shipping and routing requirements or regulations.

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