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Packaging products containing liquids

On this paliqge, you will learn how to properly prep products that are or contain a liquid so that they are protected from breaking or leaking throughout the fulfillment process.

Important: Failure to comply with FBA product preparation requirements, safety requirements, and product restrictions may result in the refusal of inventory at the Amazon fulfillment center, disposal or return of inventory, blocking of future shipments to the fulfillment center, or charging for any unplanned services.

Liquids and products containing liquids can cause damage during shipping and when stored. Products containing liquids without a double seal, including viscous products (such as honey), must be packaged securely to protect Amazon associates, other products, and customers. Be sure to adhere to the guidelines for glass containers, packaging multi-packs of liquids, and volume restrictions by container type. Sets, kits, or bundled products containing liquids must meet these requirements as well.

Related guidelines:

Watch this brief video for examples of how to prep your products for shipment to and storage in Amazon fulfillment centers (Japanese).

How to Prep Liquid Products

Packaging requirements

  • The container's cap is tightly closed and Unit does not leak
  • The container's lid does not become loose by friction
  • The Unit does not leak even when laying bottle on its side
  • The top of dispenser pump does not snag or become loose by external impact

Permitted packaging materials:

  • Boxes
  • Poly bags or shrinkwrap (no bagging is required for liquids that have a double seal and passed a drop test. For all liquids that do not have a double seal or safety seal, bagging is required regardless of the size
  • Bubble wrap and other approved packing material for shipping to Amazon fulfillment centers.
  • Labels

Packaging guidelines

Do... Do Not...
Make sure your packaged Units can pass a 80-cm drop test onto a hard surface without breaking or leaking. A drop test consists of five drops:
  • Flat on base
  • Flat on top
  • Flat on longest side
  • Flat on shortest side
  • On a corner

Ensure the product's cap has been tightened, if applicable, and each Unit does not leak.

Make sure your products have a double-seal or safety seal (see definition below for more information).

If the liquid is double sealed and passes a drop test, no bagging is required. If the item is not double sealed regardless of size, bagging is required.

Note: Spray bottles with plastic caps that do not have an additional manufactured seal are not considered double-sealed. See examples below for a sample image.
Ship products that are classified as Hazmat or have a Flash Point less than 250 degrees Celsius. See examples of hazardous and dangerous items.

Send in any Unit in violation of the volume and container restrictions described in this help page.

Ship any Unit that is leaking.

Send in any Unit without a manufactured double seal that has not been packaged with the appropriate prep materials as described in this help page.

Note: Products that are double-sealed do not require poly bagging if they will not leak. Products that are double-sealed but have evidence of leaking may require poly bagging at Amazon fulfillment centers. For example, if a package of 10 shampoo bottles arrives at a fulfillment center, with one unit showing signs of leaking, the single unit will be received into your Unsellable inventory if possible, and the other nine units may be poly-bagged at your expense to prevent them from leaking as well.

Volume and container restrictions

Bundled Units: Liquids in non-glass containers that are bundled to be sold as a set must adhere to the "sold as set" requirements found in the Packaging and Prep Requirements Help page. Also, the entire bundle must collectively adhere to the 19 liter volume requirement. Five units of 4 liter ASINs bundled together as one sellable unit is acceptable, but 5 units of 19 liter ASINs bundled together as one sellable unit is not permitted.

Note: Expiration-dated products. Products that expire and are contained in packaging that requires additional prep, such as glass jars or bottles, must be prepped to ensure that the expiration date is accessible for Amazon associates during the receive process. For more information about these requirements, visit the FBA Help section on Date- and Temperature-Sensitive Products.

Definition of a double seal

A double seal is defined as a tightened lid that cannot be easily opened and one of the following:

  • A "safety seal" which is a peel-off seal underneath the lid of a product, like you would find on a new ketchup bottle.
  • A manufactured seal around the outside of the neck of the product.

Examples of manufactured seals:

Examples of prepped Units

Not permitted: Container needs a double seal.

Permitted: Non-breakable and double-sealed container.

Not permitted: Container needs a double seal.

Permitted: Non-breakable and double-sealed container.

Not permitted: Container needs a double seal.

Permitted: Non-breakable and double-sealed container.

Additional packaging guideline

Refer to these examples for units that do not meet the above packaging requirements.

Place the unit in a transparent poly bag, close and twist up the opening before sealing with tape. Use shrink wrap. Secure the dispenser pump with tape to keep it in place.

For a screw-top container, secure the neck with tape. Wrap glass/breakable container completely with cushioning material and label with a barcode.

Units containing liquid. These are bad examples of packaging an inkjet printer where ink has leaked out. Ensure that the ink cartridges are empty or remove each cartridge before packing. Pack inkjet printers in a sturdy box with sufficient packing materials, or wrap the printers completely using cushioning material and place the printers in a polybag.

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