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This article applies to selling in: Japan

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Shipping method

Small-parcel delivery (SPD): Attach a shipping label to each box and send individually.

Less than Truckload (LTL): Ship boxes using wrapped pallets. Box labels and pallet labels are required for LTL shipments. To understand LTL shipping and labeling requirements please check Arranging Truck Load Delivery to Amazon.

Shipping Carrier

Amazon-Partnered Carrier (Japan Post) FBA inbound shipment service provided by our Amazon-Partnered Carrier (Japan Post) at a special discount rate. The special discounted shipping rates apply to inbound shipments within Japan to any of the fulfillment centers below. Consult the help page and fee schedule for more usage information. Eligible Fulfillment Centers

Ichikawa FC (NRT1), Yachiyo FC (NRT2), Tajimi FC (NGO2),Odawara FC (FSZ1), Kawagoe FC (NRT5), Kawajima FC (HND3),Sakai FC (KIX1), Daito FC (KIX2), Tosu FC (HSG1)

Other carriers Select a carrier from the drop-down menu.

Amazon-Partnered Carrier Service

Note: The FBA Partnered Carrier campaign for free of charge ended on January 15, 2018.

Amazon-Partnered Carrier Service allows FBA sellers to send inbound shipments to an Amazon Fulfillment Center at special discounted shipping rates. When entering your inbound shipment data, select Japan Post as your carrier, and you'll be able to print a shipping form with the address of the fulfillment center and other information automatically added. Shipping rates will be recorded in your Payments page as Partnered Carrier shipping rates, so there's no need to pay the carrier at the time of shipment.

Estimating and accepting shipping rates

  1. In the Prepare Shipment page, select Amazon-Partnered Carrier (Japan Post) as your shipping carrier.
  2. Enter your package dimensions and weight.
  3. Click the Calculate button.

    You will see your estimated shipping rates.

  4. Confirm the Partnered Carrier Service Terms of Use and click the Accept charges button.

    You can cancel the request up to 24 hours after accepting the charges.

Canceling a Partnered Carrier Service Shipment

Follow the steps below to cancel a Partnered Carrier Service shipment from the shipment list.

  1. Find the shipment and click on the Work on Shipment button.
  2. Click Prepare Shipment at the top of the page.
  3. Click the Void charges button.
Important: Canceling an inbound shipment does not cancel the Partnered Carrier shipment and charges. To ensure no pickup is made and avoid needless Partnered Carrier charges, make sure to follow the above steps, click the Void charges button to cancel, then check to confirm that the charges have been voided. Accepted charges can be canceled up to 24 hours after accepting them. After that, the charge will not be canceled and your money cannot be refunded.

Damage and Loss Claims During Shipment

Japan Post is responsible for any damage or loss when using the Partnered Carrier Service to ship merchandise to an Amazon Fulfillment Center. Please consult the service department of the Japan Post office you sent the shipment from.

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