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Listing Loader overview

What is Listing Loader?

Listing Loader is a template for uploading your inventory on Amazon for products that already exist in Amazon's catalog. For products that do not exist in the Amazon catalog, they need to be added to the catalog before you can use the Listing Loader. To learn about adding products to the catalog, see Add a Product.

Why use Listing Loader?

Listing Loader offers a simple way to upload your inventory to Amazon. It enables you to provide the listing attributes without the product attributes, which are required when using product feeds.

Listing Loader provides the following functionality:

  • List in all categories you are eligible to sell using a single template
  • Import data from other flat files, greatly reducing manual entry effort
  • Use a barcode scanner, reducing manual entry effort
  • Match based on standard product-id alone, reducing data required to list on Amazon
  • Perform product look-up on Amazon, allowing you to resolve matching conflicts prior to upload
  • Validate for data completeness, reducing upload failures due to input errors
  • Upload directly from Excel, saving you time

Note: The Listing Loader does not have fields for sellers to enter shipping options for BMVD products. We recommend the Inventory Loader for listing BMVD products.

When should I use Listing Loader and when should I use Inventory File Templates?

Listing Loader can only be used for products that are already in the Amazon catalog. It offers an easy way to add new listings and update information (price, quantity, and so on.) on existing listings.

To create new product detail pages or update an existing product detail page (information like the title, description and so on.) you will need to continue using Inventory File Templates.

With which categories can I use the Listing Loader?

Listing Loader can only be used for non-BMVD (Books, Music, DVD and Video) products that are already in the Amazon catalog.

Note that sellers are required to use a separate JAN, UPC, or EAN for Packs/Sets products in certain categories.* For packages that include multiple quantities of the smallest sellable unit of a product, manufacturers are required to provide a distinct product code.

*Categories (Food & beverages, Health & Personal Care, Pet Supplies, Office Products and Tools & Home Improvement) to enter the number of packages or set of the products in the item-package-quantity column.

*Important: Do not use ASINs as the product ID for variation enabled categories.

For basic matching in all product categories, either the Listing Loader or Inventory Loader can be used. The Listing Loader will allow sellers to enter information for non-BMVD Products, with optional fields such as sale-start-date and is-gift-wrap-available. The Listing Loader does not have fields for sellers to enter BMVD Product shipping settings.

We recommend the Inventory Loader if your inventory includes BMVD Products. In cases where multiple matches are found for a product, however, the Listing Loader may help you resolve this issue more easily.

Who can use Listing Loader and what are the system requirements?

To take advantage of advanced functionality in Listing Loader, you must use a PC platform with Microsoft Excel 2002, Excel 2003, or Excel 2007. The Mac platform is currently not supported.

How do I use Listing Loader?

There are two ways to use Listing Loader:

  • Use the new template with macros: We have provided useful macros to automate some of the tasks in populating and uploading the Listing Loader. This is especially useful if you manually fill the workbook, or you can import listings information from another text file.
  • Submit tab-delimited file in the Listing Loader format: You can choose not to use the Excel workbook and instead upload a tab-delimited file that conforms to the Listing Loader format. This approach is useful when you are using automated systems to generate and submit flat files to Amazon.

For detailed instructions, see Use Listing Loader.

Are JANs required to use Listing Loader? What about categories that do not require JANs?

You can use the Amazon Standard Item Number (ASIN) if you do not have the JAN. Similarly, for categories that do not require JANs, you can enter the ASIN in the product-id field in the template and set the product-id type to ASIN for creating or updating your listing.

How do I use my Amazon MWS Keys for the Product Lookup and Upload macros?

Important: You must be an Amazon MWS developer in order to send a Reports request.

The Bulk Lookup and Turn on Product Lookup macros in the Listing Loader template require authorization through Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS).

You can retrieve and import your authorization keys from within the Listing Loader template itself. Click one of the macros that requires authorization, and you will be prompted through the process. You will also be prompted to create a security password for using the Listing Loader macros.

If you previously retrieved your keys but want to import them again, click the Credentials macro at the top of the template, and then click I have forgotten or would like to obtain my MWS keys.

If you do not have active MWS credentials, you can still use the Listing Loader file without the Bulk Lookup and Turn On Product Lookup macros in the Listing Loader template.

Note: If you are using an old version of the Listing Loader template (older than 2.0), and Bulk Lookup and Product Lookup, do not pull any product information into the template. Download the latest version of Listing Loader. If you aren't sure which version you have, check the top of column B on the Template tab.

What should I do about products placed on the "Products Not Found" sheet in Listing Loader?

Listing Loader does not support some categories like Media, Beauty, Jewelry, Furniture and so on. The list of supported categories is listed above.

If you are listing in a category not supported by Listing Loader, product lookup, when used in conjunction with a JAN, will put the item on the "Products Not Found" sheet. You must use other tools like the Inventory File Templates or Add a Product tool to add or update your listing.

It is also possible that a product already in Amazon's catalog does not have a JAN, UPC or EAN associated with it. In such cases, product look-up will put your listing on "Products Not Found" sheet. To create a listing for such a product you must use the associated ASIN as the product-id and set the product-id-type to ASIN.

If, however, the product is not in Amazon's catalog, you must first create the product. To learn about adding products to Amazon's catalog, see Add a Product.

Where can I find the answers to other questions about Listing Loader?

If your question is not answered, contact Seller Support with your batch ID.

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