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Packaging Requirements

Your products in the package are directly sent to buyers. Each unit must be properly and securely packaged.

Important: Failure to comply with FBA product preparation requirements, safety requirements, and product restrictions may result in the refusal of inventory at the Amazon fulfillment center, disposal or return of inventory, blocking of future shipments to the fulfillment center, or charging for preparation or for noncompliance at the fulfillment center. Share these requirements with your carrier or vendor to ensure that they fully understand these requirements.
  • Items with the same SKU, including bundled products, must be prepared as a single package. Amazon does not accept Units that would require Amazon to assemble multiple pieces upon receipt at our fulfillment centers. (such as a wheel and tires of the motorcycle in several packages individually)
  • Units that are sets must be marked as sets on their packaging where clearly visible. Add a label to the Unit that states that the products are to be received and sold as a single unit. You can download a printable template for the warning sign from here (Japanese).
  • For Case-Packed Items, you must remove or cover any scannable barcode on the outside of a box that includes multiple Units. Cover the scannable barcode on the box using a white packing tape, or make it unscannable by drawing lines on it vertically, not horizontally. Only the Units within the case can have scannable barcodes.
  • In order to avoid damage during transport, make sure not to create a gap in the transport box as much as possible. In the case where it is necessary to deliver only products with small sizes and a small number of goods, make sure to take countermeasures such as putting cushioning material. Also specify and paste the detailed information such as size, quantity, presence of gap onto the outer box.
  • Marketing materials such as message cards, fliers, priced tags, non-Amazon stickers should not be included in the package unless Amazon approves the use of specific materials.
  • A set of oversized product with multiple packages is not acceptable. (such as a TV screen and several speakers in one set)
  • Note that any relevant product/package listed below may be sent to buyers directly.
    • Products that are square or cubic and have six sides covered with cardboard
    • Products packed in envelopes with cushioning protective material
    • Dimensions 230 mm x 150 mm x 2 mm or more and 660 mm x 520 mm x 380 mm or less
    • For fragile products (glass, earthenware, seto items, grilled items, diatomaceous earth), care marks such as "Fragile" or "Handle With Care" are attached to the outer box
    • No window in the box to display the products
    • No handles on outwards or hanging hooks on the box
    • No vinyl, wrap, film or paper wrapped over the cardboard box
    • "Warranty" is not affixed to the exterior (for example, envelope or sticker affixed)
    • Not a gift box design (such as midyear gifts, year-end gifts, Father's Day/Mother's Day gifts) or collector boxes (for example, collections, boxes labeled Collectors)

Quick Guidance Packing Products(English) (Japanese)is a downloadable document providing a summary of basic prep guidelines, available for you to print off and refer to when prepping your Units for FBA shipments

Clothes can be shipped to Amazon fulfillment centers on dress hangers. See FBA shipment of shoes, bags and fashion goods (Japanese) for more information.

Package requirements

Small Parcel Delivery Requirements can be found here.

The package requirements are listed as follows:

  • Label your products as FBA. POs and Shipment IDs are also required on the shipping label.
  • Place a shipping label on the outside of each package. If no shipping label is placed, the package will not be received at Amazon fulfillment centers, your products will be returned at your expense, or fees will be chargd to prep your products.
  • Any shipping box must be strong enough to withstand any stress during the transportation and receiving.
  • Only cushioning materials, AirCaps and papers can be used for dunnage.
  • Do not use tattered shreds of plastic forms and shreds of papers for dunnage in any case.
  • Prevent foreign substances such as cutters, scissors and papers from getting into the package for security reasons.
  • Use self-adhesive labels that can peel off. (example: KOKUYO KPC-HH124-20, Label Size: 66 mm x 35 mm). If you do not use removable labels, we recommend packing the item separately in shrink wrap or other materials and then affixing the label to the wrapping. When you prep a package of shrink-wrapped item, make sure the individual shrink wrap fits tightly around the item and no air can penetrate.

Examples of unacceptable products

Crushed box Faded color out Exposed product Torn bag
Although Amazon does not check each item, a product with obvious damage will be treated as an unsellable product.

Ornamental items of new condition such as toys and action figures may be returned if the box is damaged.

The box must not be damaged, bloken or stained.

It is recommended that you use a removable label when you use a gift box for shipping.

The followings are treated as damaged.
  • The color of the actual product is obviously different from the color of the main image and sub image on the Amazon product detail page.
  • The name of the color in the product title on the detail page is different from the color of the actual product.
You must completely and securely enclose your products before shipping to protect them from dirt, stains, and other damage.

If products are not completely enclosed, especially products such as stuffed toys and textile goods, they may be treated as unsellable product.

Do not pack products in fragile vinyl bags, grocery bags, or paper bags. These bags can be torn and the products may fall out during shipment and fulfillment.

Bags must be taped closed to keep products from falling out.

Example: This box is crushed. Example: The actual color is grey but the product title says it is black. Example: This product is not fully enclosed. Products may fall out of this torn and fragile vinyl bag.

Packing of heavy products
You must pack heavy products such as dumbbells and tools with sufficient strength by such as sewing closed, stapling, taping to prevent them from falling during work or transportation. If products are packed in such a way that the contents are in especially of separating or falling, they may be treated as unsellable products.
Example: Staples on packaging are nearly detached.

Shipment packing guidelines

A single ASIN in several packages is not acceptable. Please note that all products with the same ASIN products must be unified and packed in a single package.

Example 1: Multiple shipments (PO) for a single package

Bad example: Do not include multiple POs in a single package.

Example 2: Set of comics

Specify "全X巻揃い" ("X part series") or "1~X巻" (X number of volumes) for a set of comics and a set must be contained in a single package under a single ASIN. When a set of comics consists of multiple volumes, you must pack the whole set of volumes in a durable shipping box with a product label affixed to the box. It is recommended that you place the label on the shipping box that states "Box Products. Do not open."

Bad example of a comic set: Multiple ASINs in a single package.

Good example of a comic set: A printable template of warning sign, "Box Products. Do not open" can be downloaded here.

Example 3: Multiple packages such as electronics for a single product (ASIN/SKU)

You must label the product to clearly indicate that it is sold as a set. If the product is contained in a shipping box, ensure that the label is affixed on the top surface where clearly visible. (Example: top side when packing in a box).

Bad example: An oversized product divided into multiple packages are not acceptable. A set of products must be contained in a single box. Bundling multiple boxes and shipping as one box is also prohibited.

Example 4: Removable Adhesive Labels

Use self-adhesive labels that can peel off (i.e., KOKUYO KPC-HH124-20, Label Size: 66 mm x 35 mm). We do not accept packages if the label is about to come off or not completely affixed.

Bad example: The label in the first picture has no adhesive, is partially taped, and can easily fall off the box. The label in the second picture is affixed to the corrugated surface of an air pillow and can easily come off (the photo on the right). The label in the third pictures is affixed to the polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene or polypropylene can come off. The label in the fourth picture is directly affixed to rough, leather or textile surface can easily come off.

Example 5: Cover or remove all unnecessary labels and barcodes

For case-packed items, you must remove or cover any scannable barcode on the outside of a carton that includes multiple units.

Good example: Cover or remove unnecessary scannable barcodes, or make them unscannable by drawing lines on it vertically, not horizontally.

Bad example: When a scannable barcode for a single unit is placed outside of a box containing multiple items, they will be received as a single unit. Remove or cover the scannable barcode on the outside of the box and ensure that all units within the box have scannable barcodes.

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