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Classify your products using Browse Tree Guides

Amazon customers find products through search and browse. When customers browse, they can further refine their search by choosing specific product categories and subcategories.

You can use the Product Classifier or a Browse Tree Guide (BTG) to help you identify the correct categories for your products.

A Browse Tree Guide is a category-specific document that provides unique numbers and keywords that are associated with a certain browse path on Amazon. You can use this information to assign your products to specific categories and subcategories.

To use a Browse Tree Guide:

  1. Go to Inventory File Templates and download the appropriate Browse Tree Guide.
  2. Follow the instructions in the guide and choose the categories and subcategories for your products. Use the corresponding browse node IDs when you upload your inventory template file.

Browse node type

There are two kinds of browse node IDs which have a different use.

Branch Node:

Browse nodes in sub categories. The node is used for creating store design, not for adding products. Specified in gray font on the browse tree guide.

Leaf Node:

Terminal nodes in sub categories. The node is used for adding products. Specified in black font on the browse tree guide.

Note: Use leaf nodes for adding products. Branch nodes are used for creating store design only. If branch nodes are used for adding product, the visibility of your product will be limited to customers and it may affect your sales negatively.


In addition to browse nodes, refinements such as sleeve-type, cup-size and collar-type are also available to shoppers. Populating these optional fields where appropriate will ensure your products remain in front of customers as they refine their search.

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